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Forager's Guild Guild to the Triantakohedron

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Forager\'s Guild Guild to the Triantakohedron
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Forager's Guild Guild to the Triantakohedron
Publisher: Dancing Lights Press
by Larry B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/11/2012 22:52:22

You either have one sitting in your dice bag, longing to be used; or you've been looking for an excuse to go and buy one...I'm talking about those rolly-polly 30 sided dice. This tome gives you 30 reasons to break out that die that rolls easiest (and might even move it up the ladder from least used to maybe even ousting the d12).

There are a lot of fun charts to roll on. Some are basic (current weather conditions), some are silly/fun (30 cliches turned into magic items), and some are just good to have in your pocket (30 things found at the side of the road). There is something in here for everyone.

In full disclosure: I am listed as one of the Dire Paladin's in the introduction of the book. Don't let that discourage you from checking out this book. Your d30 will thank you.

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