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Vampire Bestiary - Mountain of the Cannibal God $8.00
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Vampire Bestiary - Mountain of the Cannibal God
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Vampire Bestiary - Mountain of the Cannibal God
Publisher: Eternity Publishing
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/29/2012 18:55:46

I am a fan of Vampire Lore and a fan of the author's work in monster design, having discussed things with him via the EnWorld forums over the years. This first part of a three {to six!} mega package is well written, has some of the best 4e monster design methods, and despite the author stating it is not an encyclopedia of the various vampire myths... it does an excellent job of going beyond the Bram Stroker's vision.

I am looking forward to the following releases in this series!

Regarding the content itself:

Artwork is nice and appropriate. There are a couple full page illustrations that are very well done but I would not want to waste ink on printing them.

Organization is solid. My only complaint is that the table showing the different types of vampires is (a) not at the top of the chapter and (b) doesn't reference the real world mythological founding.

Content: Vampires, Cannibals, and Wendigos. The Vampires I have seen previously, but never put together so well. The cannibals are nicely linked to some of the Vampire creation process so I don't mind them here.

But the Wendigo. WOW. Love it! I had no idea how cool a Wendigo could be as far as a game changer and major playing in a sand-box game!

Consider me signed up for future offerings from Eternity Publishing!

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