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Ship Book: Aegis Class Scout $9.99
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Ship Book: Aegis Class Scout
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Ship Book: Aegis Class Scout
Publisher: Gorgon Press
by David T. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/28/2013 12:24:29

I must admit I was hugely disappointed as I do not feel this product represents an effective Naval Scout.

With a 400 ton hull I was anticipating J3 or 4, so J2 seems rather slow and not in keeping with IN mobility 4 requirement. Furthermore the Power plant 4 only produces enough power for 2 of it's Particle Beams at a time, unless I've missed the bit where they explain this is why so many of the ships are lost.

Also the Stealth Jump should cost 10x the cost of a normal Jump Drive so the ship should cost more thn double the final price, I do feel at almost $10 someone should have checked these details.

On a positive note there are colour exterior views of the ship and 3 pages of deck plans, so with a bit of reworking I can make use of this product.


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