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High Space Core Rules Beta

This product is no longer available from RPGNow.com

Average Rating:3.3 / 5
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High Space Core Rules Beta
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High Space Core Rules Beta
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Thomas S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/27/2012 10:12:57
Had high hopes, but this fell short of the mark. Added new rules that detract from the FFF! of Savage Worlds. eight to ten pages are rehash of the core Savage World rules. Layout is inconsistent, with rules being introduced in a section, but not detailed until later on, which leads to some confusion. The author attempted to add artificial constraints to somethings, like forcing skill specialization in some skills (piloting), but not others (fighting, shooting). Edges have additional cost requirements, which don't make sense, such as Hacker which gives you a -1 charisma penalty if you take it. The Equilibrium attribute is unnecessary and could have been easily dropped and handled by Spirit rolls if necessary--plus its harsh if you fail the roll (shaken and -2 to all rolls for the encounter).

After getting through the Analects, just didn't have motivation to tackle the Fleet Manual. Fingers crossed it's better.

As for the layout, its full color which is nice, but there is no option for a printer friendly version. The artwork is nice but there is too much.

Only cost me the price of a cup of coffee, so could have been worse. Also, this is the "Beta" version, so here is hoping that the final version is cleaned up and better.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
High Space Core Rules Beta
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Mike G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/19/2012 14:14:57
Putting out something that says "beta" implies they're in the final stages of something, and I presumed the people who put High Space were almost done. There are some good ideas and interesting concepts in this book, but there's a lot of problems stemming from the sheer lack of content. It goes from generic character and alien creation (which I rather liked) and then it's onto glands and stuff. Where are the cybernetics? Where are the robots?

The Starship section, again, starts off interesting, but then the lack of content is the elephant in the room. Further, in building starships, you're left wondering about what some stats mean. For example - what does a d6 in a ship's Quality trait really mean? Compared with what? How fast, precisely, is an FTL of d4? (Actually, I ran the numbers, compared it to Star Trek's updated Warp Factor scale - the NX-01 Enterprise cannot have a full d4 in FTL, because Warp 5 comes in shy of that). Further, if the idea of High Space is to give an analog to Star Trek, Star Wars, and other games, then as written it's almost impossible to make analogs to the ships of those shows. A Constitution Class starship, for instance, has Shields and Deflectors, which are not mentioned in this book, not to mention a huge Shuttle-Bay that supports six shuttle-craft (more than a 1 Displacement vehicle, whatever that means - the book doesn't say) and has the space to support six more. Tack on all the details of this ship (Transporters, cargo bays, multiple docking ports, weapons, guest accommodations, etc.) and you've got a ship that it seems that no matter what level the PCs are, they'll never have the Acquisition Points necessary to be in charge of one.

High Space Beta should've been called Alpha. There are good ideas in here, but it's not nearly complete. It needs a lot more. A lot more.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
High Space Core Rules Beta
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by neil h. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/10/2012 11:02:48
Over all i think this has a lot of promise. over all i like the look and the way things are done.

the ship building rules are cool. The take a complex thing and turn it into a pretty easy task that you can have some fun with. needs to be expanded a little and some, but over all very nice.

I just had one huge problem with the rules. I understand this is "Space Opera" with things happening on a huge scale but I think parts of the space combat system took this way to far. We have a game mat that is 1000 meters per inch. Okay, not a bad scale to work with, easy to understand. We also have AUs... OOOkay. The range of my x ray laser is.... C or M which is 0 to 12 AUs. Okay, yeah, Once again I do understand this is space opera but 12 AUs? I can shoot a laser over 1 billion miles into space and hit something that is moving with a laser that will take over 1 1/2 hours to get there, if it gets there. No, sorry, you lost me on that one. I think i will be tossing out the whole range thing and house ruling that one. I guessing something based on quality or computer.

by the way, love the quality attribute for space ships.

okay, back to my original point. good shot at a set of sci fi rules. going in the right direction and worth a look. (just dump the range thing)

[4 of 5 Stars!]
High Space Core Rules Beta
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Josiah B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/27/2012 14:32:21
I love what I see but I think it still needs quite a bit of polish.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
High Space Core Rules Beta
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Dillard R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/25/2012 00:31:07
It is a Beta. But, I expected more. This is billed as a generic set of manuals, but not so much. There are no shields for ships. There are no phasers. There are no inertial compensators or grav plates. No anti-gravity at all that I can tell.

The unique aspects of the manuals don't mesh well with regular SW. Mainly because no attempt was made in the Space Combat Section or Transonic combat (XS+) to interface with the regular rules.

Many of the rules are poorly written. Leading to almost as much confusion as not having the rules to begin with. There are no rules for Zero-G or Micro-G. There are no rules for operating on different types of planets.

There isn't even a single set of stats for a starship in the "Fleet Manual".

The amount of gear presented is minuscule. There are a dozen ranged weapons that aren't completely explained and 9 melee weapons (one is a knife/shiv!) that are even more poorly explained than the ranged weapons.

There are only three transonic vehicles for examples. There is no method for creating your own.

Computers, which are key to making robots, are poorly explained and lacking in details necessary to understanding how they work in game.

Edges and hindrances are few in number for characters and ships. In the Fleet Manual we are promised more edges and hindrances in upcoming supplements. We are also promised more ship weapons and systems in upcoming supplements.

The joy of using SW in general is getting a single book and having all you need to play a setting. Or at least getting enough crunch to create your own rules and settings.

This missed the mark.

It is a Beta, but it seems rushed to production to the point that it should have not been put out for awhile yet. It needed more alpha testing before it was offered for sale. It really seems to suffer from an identity crisis. Are these products really a generic set or rules for SciFi? They don't seem so because they are too thin on necessities. Or are they just some rules for some upcoming setting and a way to get us to buy more supplements?

I hope I am wrong. And I hope that this Beta test results in some major changes other wise pass this set of rules by. There are other hard sci fi settings just around the corner. At the PEG forums one Publisher is promising an issue date prior to Christmas!

[1 of 5 Stars!]
High Space Core Rules Beta
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Kevin H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/24/2012 16:16:40
I think is looks real good. Very professional looking and fun. I was wondering if there was going to be any consideration of when weapon types impact ships. For example, a ship with laser weapons hits and damages near instantly, where as a torpedo might take a turn or two to reach the target. Also, a torpedo can be shot down or tricked with counter measures. If the torpedo is a NUKE, the damage might be significantly higher than lasers. Looking forward to the final release!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
High Space Core Rules Beta
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Jeremy S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/13/2012 10:08:34
Today I was very happy to find a product on Drive Thru Rpg / RPG Now that took several of my gripes about starships in RPGs and fixed them to work with Savage Worlds. I am so happy because I have been looking for something like this for many, many years. I have a love of spaceships, spaceship combat, and space soldiers. I love military sci fi novels, and FINALLY I can play them with the right tone and system (in this case, I find that Savage Worlds does it best).

I am usually not so much of a fan of a product that I tell everyone about it, but I am freaking happy! As I said, I have wanted to have this at my gaming table for many, many years. I just had to get it. I am VERY glad that I did as the character book is just what I was going to wite myself (or try to, as this is really good). The space combat and starship system are also really good. Instead of feeling like someone slapped them onto the game with duct tape, Story Weaver fit it to the Savage Worlds system rather well. I was just thinking about coming up with something earlier today and the product came out just in time. It was what I was going to do, and much much more and better.

High Space Character Manual

Initial skill points are 12, but you pick a background edge and what is called a Cultural Edge. The Background edge is a profession, like Bounty Hunter, Criminal, or Explorer. The Cultural Edge basically spends the three “lost” skill points for you. This helps give a baseline cultural background, which helps people to account for that when making a character. In some cases it is three different d4 skills. In others it is a d4 skill and a 1 trait bonus. It is a good idea and could be used for any campaign setting. Personally I would make what it is calling a Background Edge a Profession Edge instead, and just require a Profession Edge, as I can see a character use those out of the Savage Worlds book, especially in other setting. I can see why they are called background edges, as they for a character’s background, but that is somewhat confusing as Savage Worlds already uses Background edges, but they are not used in quite the same way. No, again it looks like they should be Professional edges.

There is discussion of the various skills to be used in the setting. Examples are given for specific versions of Boating and Piloting, for example. We also get new skills as Philosophy, Programming, and Psychiatry.

There are new Hindrances such as Retrovirus. There are new edges, with a couple for Hacking being noteworthy. There are rules on robots and cybernetics, and gland drugs. There are rules on what is called Equilibrium. Apparently cryo-sleep can make you go crazy. Who would have thought?

There are a bunch of cool high tech weapons, armor, equipment, and vehicles. Just looking at the book this far is making me want to play the Colonial Marines from ALIENS or maybe a Spartan from HALO.

High Space Fleet Manual

Starship construction is based on the Wild Card characters that will crew it. A Novice is worth 1 point and a Legendary character is worth 5. This total is called Acquisition points. The number of Acquisition Points will then determine how many free Edges and Trait Points that are available to design the vessel.

Then you spend the Trait points on 5 attributes. Maneuver, Computer, FTL, Displacement, and Quality. The Displacement is the mass of the vessel. D4 is a starfighter, d12 is a supercarrier.

Then you pick Design Edge, which is basically a “race” for a starship. I am not sure why it has that name, I would call it Starship Class, myself. A Design Edge gives a basic modification, such as a Warship giving a bonus to Quality but a reduction in Pace (Pace is derived from FTL). It also gives Payloads and Hard Points based on the Displacement rating. A warship has more hard points than payloads, a cargo vessel has only payloads. The payloads are used for equaipment and cargo space while hard points are used for weapons. Ships can have hindrances and edges. Many of the edges also have a cost in payloads or hard points.

Starship combat has maneuvers such as Slingshot which lets you use a nearby planet or asteroid to fling your vessel by at a quicker rate and Align for Impact that gets you an AP bonus for versus damage for a collision. Gunner maneuvers include Improved Firing Solution and Defensive Firing.

Further Musings

The ship can have an AI. This can be a Wild Card in itself. I would have it be a NPC or a PC’s side kick, If it is a primary PC, I would have it have some sort of edge to have an android body (where as the Android is the actual PC) or have an a side kick for the ship, either an engineer that really loves the AI or something, maybe just some other character for the player to use when off the ship. It can get really boring when you are stuck in port while the party goes on without you.

What about a character that wants to have a personal starfighter that is stationed on the ship that the party flies around? I could see a character using the Ace edge for this. That in itself is not a problem, but how does one determine Acquisition points? Do you split it between your personal vessel and the carrier? Going with the Fast, Furious, Fun, I would just make an edge called “Personal Vessel” that allows a character to use his or her own points for both a personal vessel as well as to the main vessel. A character could in that way add double if that character has no desire to have a personal vessel, such as the character that remained on the carrier would do while the rest of the party suited up and took off into their own starfighters.

The books could also do with some examples. Several example ships would be really nice. Those could be used as pre-made ships and also showcase the results of the design system. There could also be a few examples of crews and their vessels.

An excel spreadsheet to track the starship would be great. Knowing me, I will make a goof usrr friendly one easily enough. A Hero Lab user source file would also be great. If not already made, I guess that I will do it as well because I want it as it is. I would post both to my website for sharing

It is good that it is still a Beta at this point and perhaps some of my musings and comments could help to make the final product better overall.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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