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1200 Rumors, Hooks and Gossip
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1200 Rumors, Hooks and Gossip
Publisher: Art of War Games
by Margaret E. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/26/2012 22:34:00

There are a couple of things that to me kept this from being a good product.

After only a few pages, (2-3) I realized that the rumors, etc, don't really have much to them. If you take out the names, it's more obvious:

"Koanualn the knight believes that Raklus the cook saw that Trat the messenger is meeting with Jandual the poet."

Without the names: "The knight believes the cook saw that the messenger is meeting with the poet." It is a convuluted sentence almost as much as before. But what can you do with sentences like that? Yet they are all pretty much that way. There isn't much to the rumor, hook or gossip, it's more a good place to get names and occupations (and those seem repetitive, too: jesters, pirates). And in just 2-3 pages, two different people rumored to be behaving "smug." I wonder how many there are all told?

On an early page there were these two listings:

"Idainni the messenger heard that a pool of blood was found near the waterfall."

"A pool of blood was found by the waterfall."

Same page, second column:

"Something strange happened in the brothel."

"Something strange happened in the graveyard."

Try this doozy: "Fulaelus the peasant claims to have proof that Taemnel the herbalist claims to have proof that several people have been robbed by the main road." That is enough to make your head spin, and to make me write my first review on this site.

Hospitals were mentioned twice, along with a few waterfalls and a couple of docks, yet no other specific locations (in the few pages I have gone over. The whole thing has a feel to it that the list was computer generated. Maybe it actually was computer generated; 1200 is a lot to come up with. But it should have been noted. I have "650 Fantasy City Encournters, Seeds and Hooks" by Roleplaying Tips, and I found far more interesting material. And they didn't clutter it up with names. This item is currently $2.00 but I don't feel has even half the material as "650 Fantasy City Encounters," but that item is currently free. I would recommend checking it out first to see if there is the kind of material you are looking for.

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