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Dragonslayer Pantheon: The Stitching Church $1.00
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Dragonslayer Pantheon: The Stitching Church
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Dragonslayer Pantheon: The Stitching Church
Publisher: Chubby Monster Games
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/08/2013 18:40:58

The Dragonslayer Pantheon products by Chubby Monster Games are designed by author Andrew Shields to be incorporated into existing game worlds and provide a new take on one of the religions attached to a god. Each religious order presented includes the common knowledge about the order as well as the secret knowledge of the initiated, non-player characters tied to the order, its practices, suggestions for power levels and adventure hooks using the order and advice for incorporating the group into an existing setting.

Dragonslayer Pantheon: The Stitching Church is more a network of preachers and agents dedicated to the god of pain and suffering who seek to free people of service to the cruel gods, to seek the divinity within. They act to let people find their own path in the world, freed of the dictates of gods who cause naught but suffering and death to get their way. A few radical members of the church actively strive to weaken other religions but most members just try to lead people to a better and more peaceful way. Naturally, the Stitching Church is not usually welcomed by other faiths. It is an unusual faith and one that is suitable for stories and adventures out of the norm.

Overall, I think the Dragonslayer Pantheon product provides a useful set of ideas and options to spark adventure and interest in various religions in a game world.

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