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Master Dungeon Set
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Master Dungeon Set
Publisher: PWORK Paper Wargame
by Billiam B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 10/14/2012 11:49:22

Pwork's (Paper Wargames) Fantasy Tiles Master Dungeon Set appears to be a fantasy offshoot of their Space Hulk inspired sci-fi sets. I'm guessing that this would explain why the squares are 3cm wide which is friendly to larger Warhammer bases. There's not a great deal of margin space on the pages, but as a result very little paper or card will be wasted which is a plus. I rather like the stand-up doors but I haven't tried to construct them since the instructions in my copy are in Italian only and there's no self-explanatory tabs in the designs. The dungeon pieces would make a very satisfying blocky set of basic floor plans especially if glued to corrugated card or foam card. The larger scale puts me off these a little, but the art is good and all of the parts and props are generic enough for simple dungeons ran in many systems. This is a fairly good value product for 24 pages, with repeatable designs at $7. Very professional and good looking. Certainly worth considering if your figures seem a little crowded on that 1-inch scale battlemat. :) Billiam B. bit.ly/rpgblog

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