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The Description System
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The Description System
Publisher: Postmortem Studios
by Ranjith E. M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/19/2014 04:40:35

First, I want to point out that I start reviews with the bad things and then get to the better aspects.

This being said, I have to admit that I have trouble finding anything bad about this system. All things that may be considered negative are not negative once you take into consideration what this system aims to be. It is a very light generic RPG system, and as such, things are not that crunchy. The experience system may seem a tad flavourless, but the more I think about it, the more I like it; although the rate experience points are handed out may be a bit low considering the costs for things...

As a rules light system, it does not have many small rules for this or that situation, but then again, they are not really necessary for what it aims to achieve.

The system is a true generic system in allowing you to explore whatever you want. The structure of the core mechanisms do not hinder any decisions. This being said, there are, of course, a few caveats, the most prominent probably being magic. The game comes with a relatively open magic system as an option for fantasy settings, but does not give an example for a crunchier, fixed spell-based system. While you might put together a fixed spell-based system (that is, a system with individual, fixed spells that need to be acquired separately), I think it goes against the spirit of the game.

A really nice aspect of the game is that the descriptors do not get any additional numbers added. So, you simply write the description of your character, and you already have all the vital stats there, without the rather awkward intrusion of numbers. This makes its appearance quite elegant and also stresses the goal of focusing on the descriptions. However, it does come at the cost that you have to count things manually to get the dice pool, but this is a minor issue, I think.

Personally, I think the greatest strength of the system is that dedication to focusing on the descriptions, thus encouraging focusing on the narration before anything else. I think this is quite inspiring and in a way intuitive. And the rules do a very good job at really keeping that focus without any undue alien elements.

This is definitely not something for people who want a crunchy or tactical game. But for people who want a rules light system that puts the narration first, I think it is quite recommendable.

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