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Look, Sarge, No Charts: Napoleonic Wars: Fate of Battle

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Look, Sarge, No Charts: Napoleonic Wars:  Fate of Battle
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Look, Sarge, No Charts: Napoleonic Wars: Fate of Battle
Publisher: LMW Works
by James Q. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/19/2015 13:59:35

Right, in this set, the grognards over at LSNC cover the 'Age of Napoleon'.

Infantry and Cavalry bases represent a battalion (cav. reg't) and are composed of two bases, 1.5” wide by 1.5” deep. Artillery is placed on bases 1.5” square. Scale is 1” = 50 yards. Time scale = 15-30 minutes of time. Its recommended that each player commands up to a division. The theory here is that a player controlling more than that results in a slower game.

In keeping with the latest rules books, there are nice color photos to go along with the examples of play and to otherwise color the book with Napoleonic flavor.

The look of the game with 10mm figure seems off to me. 3mm or 6mm would look so much better with these size bases. Minor quibble as you, the purchaser, can base these however you see fit.

This is a good rules set, similar to the other Look Sarge No Chart titles with the addition of rules for formations (column, line, square plus stuff like skirmishers). Also, bucking the trend of the other LSNC titles, (hold on to your shakos boys and girls) are you ready for this?... this one actually includes two scenarios! (Actually its a linked two day scenario but who's counting.) Very cool: someone just starting out in this era can put together a small army based on this these scenarios. Comes with comprehensive army lists of all the nations involved in this era.

Overall a playable and fun set of rules that gives realistic results which can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. I give this one my 'real deal seal of approval'. Highly recommend.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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