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Inkwell Stock Art: Skeletons (4)

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Inkwell Stock Art: Skeletons (4)
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Inkwell Stock Art: Skeletons (4)
Publisher: Inkwell Ideas
by Christian B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/31/2015 09:55:14

Nice set of stock art. The skeletons do look a bit unnatural and could use some refinements but are okay. However if you look closely you can clearly see that this set is just ONE skeleton in ONE pose with different equipment sets.

All in all not a bad set but considering that it is just one pic with different cloth layers the price seems a bit high.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for the feedback Christian. I know your comment is a couple months old, but for a while I just wanted the product to stand on its own and not give a knee-jerk response. However, we get so few reviews that I felt I should point out the below: Let me share with you our pricing strategy: basically, our stock art has a list price of $9.95, with a dollar extra per version when we do alternate versions of the creature. In this case we\'re doing 3 extras, so the list price is $12.95. I hope that the preview shows that it is the same skeleton/pose with varying clothing/weapons. We\'re not trying to hide that. We think $9.95 is fair for a generous stock art license of some very good art and the alternates add a bit more versatility/value. So my main point is we\'re not asking for 4x the price because there are 4 skeletons. We\'re not even asking for 2x the price.
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