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Bone Hilt Sword Campaign [BUNDLE] $25.00 $17.50
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Bone Hilt Sword Campaign [BUNDLE]
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Bone Hilt Sword Campaign [BUNDLE]
Publisher: Usherwood Publishing
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/26/2018 18:25:25

Compently constructed, more or less, but frightfully dull.

Kobolds are threatening a town or something from a hundred miles away. You must kill their leader for 500 gold per first level adventurer (this kind of money from a village?)

There are many maps that convey very little. You get to see the layout of the huge peninsula and its position in the wider world. Nowhere is the dungeon your party must travel to marked. It hardly matters though because on the way there almost nothing will happen.

The party will notice 65 kobolds encamped. No information about what they are up to really, nor what they're doing encamped. If I ran this I would probably give the party a chance to realize they shouldn't be on the roads and then have them see huge parties of kobods moving on them in the distance, but here we get a little map with slopes and streams and so on. Fighting them would be instant total party kill. Capturing a scout makes sense but the GM is given no information to go on.

There's a set of cavern full of random kobolds and orcs, and a conversation to run into that the party probably won't be able to understand with the hook to drive the adventure onwards. So as written the party will likely have no idea how the adventure will progress from here.

In short, like many adventures it would take more time to make this playable than to create my own from the start.

The weird part is how much effort was clearly put into it. THere's many pages about the region and the history that barely matter and won't come up. Photos of real world places have been added to provide color to the locations being described that the players won't visit. New magic items are kind of neat and some have backstory the players will never know.

This feels more bad 3rd edition materiel than OSRIC, to me.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
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