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BESM Slayers: Next (Book 2)

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BESM Slayers: Next (Book 2)
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BESM Slayers: Next (Book 2)
Publisher: Guardians of Order
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/11/2007 01:28:25

Slayers NEXT, the second season of the Slayers TV series, is the strongest story, not only exciting and funny but resonant as well (anybody who ever tells you Slayers isn't a love story ISN'T PAYING ATTENTION). So it shouldn't be surprising that this is the strongest of the Slayers UFGs as well. The game material has been cleaned up substantially and is more accurate (Lina can now actually CAST the Dragon Slave, his signature spell which somehow got left off her Book 1 writeup). The only problem from a game perspective is that several vital characters are not written up at all because they're so powerful that they would overwhelm even characters at this extreme power level. This can result in a campaign situation where epic-level PCs end up feeling like helpless pawns in somebody else's game, something GMs are best off avoiding. Thus, the book would have benefited from about 20 more pages of setting material providing manageable challenges for non-Lina's Gang PCs.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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