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BESM Slayers: Try (Book 3)

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BESM Slayers: Try (Book 3)
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BESM Slayers: Try (Book 3)
Publisher: Guardians of Order
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/11/2007 01:37:06

The third and final season of Slayers had nice ideas and serious problems; the final Slayers UFG emphasizes the latter over the former. The sense that these very powerful characters are in waaaay over their heads in the Outer World is emphasized, and the sense that Lina is simply a pawn in a cosmic game about which she knows little if anything is the sort of thing that would kill a campaign were an RPG GM to try and use it. The series information is still well presented and illustrated, but the game material suggests nothing so much as no longer trying; there is no attempt to write up the principal villain of the storyarc because he's considered too powerful for anyone less than a god to take down. This gives heroes very little chance to actually be heroic, which is a killer in a campaign.

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