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Conquerors, Killers and Crooks - PDF $16.99 $8.50
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Conquerors, Killers and Crooks - PDF
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Conquerors, Killers and Crooks - PDF
Publisher: Hero Games
by Kevin C.
Date Added: 08/31/2017 18:02:04

I was quite disappointed with the lack of color in this pdf. It is very bland with it's black & white character illustrations. For a comic book feel, I prefer something with at least that four-color comics vibe from the olden days of comics to the more high quality art found in most popular comics today. No, nothing in the product description promised me color illustrations, but it does not even boast the colorful cover art shown on the thumbnail above. Honestly, I won't use this at all regardless of the character content because it's just so hard to look at. I feel ripped off and will avoid Hero Games products from now on. Thanks for nothing, Hero Games.

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