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Lesser Fantasy Treasures $0.95
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Lesser Fantasy Treasures
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Lesser Fantasy Treasures
Publisher: Dark Quest Games
by Rob M. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/31/2006 00:00:00
This 4 page PDF (5 with the separate cover page) provides a short but sweet list of ?lesser fantasy treasures?, which are various semi-valuable mundane items such as pieces of jewelry, accouterments and knick-knacks, each worth between 1gp and 100gp. These treasures are aimed primarily at adding interest, variety, and a bit of realism to the list of treasure that can be acquired by low-level adventurers, as not all of the loot found will be in the form of the ubiquitous copper, silver, and gold coins.

There are twenty of these lesser treasures and they are presented in a table, allowing for a random roll. The table lists the item, a description and an approximate value. Following the table are descriptions of the various items. The items are varied and interesting, including a silver chain of wolf?s teeth, a hardwood trinket box, a lizard hide throw, rare cologne, a simple brass hookah, and a stuffed badger (presumably the players will have to hunt down and stuff a beaver themselves.) The hookah description failed to indicate that a hookah is an elaborate vase-like base, tube, and mouthpiece arrangement used for smoking, a useful bit of information as many players might not be familiar with it, Alice in Wonderland not withstanding.

The PDF itself is laid out in a two column format with lined border pieces and elaborate brocade-like colored page header and footer graphic in brown and dark red shades. The body text is an easy to read serif font with bold section headers, it has a nice non-cramped layout with adequate white-space. There are various small pieces of art, depicting a goblet, ring, and similar items in its four pages. The header and footers are likely to waste a lot of ink, however. The cover is done as a separate PDF, and is fairly attractive, but very color heavy, which I presume is why it is done a separate PDF.

Overall this is a decent product, short but with a lot of interesting bits presented in a clean attractive layout. For a GM looking for some ideas for low-level treasures instead of a pile of coins, this is a reasonable buy. Also, fencing and appraising some of these items will give Rogues and other characters a chance to use their skills, however no DC's are given for such a task. Also, some adventure hooks to go with the unique items would have made the product more compelling.

LIKED: Stuffed badger, Hardwood trinket box, Rose quartz pig. Clean layout

DISLIKED: Misuse of pandering for pattering? What?s a hookah?

QUALITY: Acceptable

VALUE: Disappointed


[3 of 5 Stars!]
Lesser Fantasy Treasures
Publisher: Dark Quest Games
by Anthony R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/12/2005 00:00:00
Lesser Fantasy Treasures: Volume 1 is a four page PDF (five if you count the cover) with a color cover and mostly black & white interior. The PDF is essentially a list of twenty treasures with associated descriptive paragraphs. Layout is decent and thankfully printer ink friendly. The cover is even included as a separate PDF for you to print out or not as you wish. Illustration is the usual mix of line art and clip art, and is not terrible.

Each treasure is described in a single paragraph and there are no game statistics included of any kind other than a value for the treasure listed in gold coins. The writing is ok, but I did note some grammatical errors and the writing came off a little stilted and awkwared in places. Here is an example:

A rather marvelous item to gaze upon, this elaborate looking sculpture is none the less a fist sized pig...

Lesser Fantasy Treasures is a very average PDF. It suffers too much from the 'me too' problem. The subject matter has been covered in other and (in my opinion) better products from other publishers. I would have liked it better if Top Fashion had tried to put a more unique stamp on it. How about a selection of sample treasure hoards for the d20 system arranged by Encounter Level? Even if they didn't want to go the d20 route, what about a list of treasures themed for a certain humanoid type or culture or whatever? The danger of a generic product is that sometimes generic = boring.

I can't really reccomend Lesser Fantasy Treasures unless you are just too lazy to write a couple of sentences for an item yourself. If Top Fashion can polish up the writing to match their clean layout and come up with some more original themes, I will certainly take a look at them again in the future.

LIKED: The layout and art was decent.

DISLIKED: A 'me too' product that has been done better by others.

QUALITY: Disappointing

VALUE: Disappointed

[2 of 5 Stars!]
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