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Vaugrox Castle 25mm Battle Plans $8.00
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Vaugrox Castle 25mm Battle Plans
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Vaugrox Castle 25mm Battle Plans
Publisher: Darkfuries Publishing
by Skully C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/08/2012 20:24:33

A very nice product.

I was looking for a ready made battle map of a keep of castle and this one one works out very nicely.


  1. Black and white only. Many would claim this is a disadvantage but at 113 pages this saves a lot of color toner. Also, the detail is much cleaner than if it would have been filled with color.
  2. This is a full size castle ready to be printed and invaded! Great job Darkfuries!


  1. Why is the PDF not named 'vaugrox.pdf'??? Are the designers still running 8-bit file system? Modern computer can handle very long file names why not use them.
  2. Resolution is a bit blurry. I think they must have scaled a smaller image up to usable size.

So far it's been hit or miss with their products, but this one is worth the cost because it's a real time saver.

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