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High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded $2.50
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High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded
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High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/18/2007 00:00:00
Psicrystals Expanded

It is usually the little things that can really help define character. The small class options are nice but even allowing some of them to be done in different ways can aid in this. In this PDF that is what they do with psi crystals. It is just a few more options to make them different so ever psion does not seem to have the exact same thing.

High Psionics: Psi Crystals Expanded is one of the great PDF s on psionics Dreamscarred Press has come out with. These guys really know their psionics and their PDfs are quickly becoming the best support for psionic based characters and rules anywhere. This fourteen page PDF comes in an on screen and print version. It has a very nice lay out and it is well book marked. The book has very little art just the cover and a sigil like piece at the very end.

There are a few new and interesting version of the psi crystal. The first one is called the Awakened Psicrystal. It is a bit smarter then the normal ones and has the ability to use a few minor psionic powers itself. There is a list of options on which powers the psi crystal has access to. It is a more powerful option but it also requires the psionic character to take two feats to grant the ability to his psi crystal.. Even then it might be a little too good as there are some good psionic powers a psi crystal would have access to. It is though a very interesting ability and could really make for some fun NPCs with this type of psi crystal.

The implanted Psi crystal is pretty self explanatory. It also requires a feat to do and a bit of experience from the psion. Once implanted it is very much out of harm?s way. It gives the psion and nice initiative bonus and the alertness feat but it of course stuck in the psions body. This option can be combined with others presented in the book.

The Cognizance Psi Crystal also requires a feat and a bit of experience points. But it has the cool abilities of being able to store some of the psions power points and can even be used to refill the psions power points at a later date.

My favorite of the options is the Psicrysmal. It is a psi crystal infused with a bit of earth elemental to become a crystal spider or scorpion. It gets some nice abilities as the psion levels and while it may not have been intended it can make for some cool visuals for NPCs especially ones that are Drow who love the spiders (and scorpions for those using the Eberron setting).

The last psi crystal option might turn out to be the most popular. It is the psi crystal weapon and allows a psion to use their own psionic abilities in conjunction with the weapon. It also requires a feat to use but looks to be well worth it.

The book has new feats in it that are mostly the ones one needs to use these new and cool psi crystal forms. There is also a pair of new psionic monsters both related to psi crystals. This is a very well done book with great rules a great creativity.

LIKED: Very well done with good rules and creativity.

QUALITY: Excellent

VALUE: Very Satisfied

[5 of 5 Stars!]
High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by Christopher W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/02/2007 00:00:00
Excellent Supplement!
If you are wanting to make your Psionics have that custom touch with some high power items and ideals, this is the download for you. I've been playing these tools for 3 weeks now, the party absolutely loves them.


QUALITY: Very Good

VALUE: Very Satisfied

[5 of 5 Stars!]
High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by Tom G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/18/2007 17:02:12
High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded (PE) is relatively small supplement that provides new rules and types of psicrystals for players and DM’s alike. With what is quickly becoming the standard for Dreamscarred Press, the production values are top notch. I was very pleased to find my download included both a full color and a black/white version, and that everything in the PDF’s was bookmarked for easy searching. The editing and layout are both well done and smooth. But now, we must venture into what we are all here for: Content!
The supplement leads off with a section of Alternate Psicrystals. Overall: a valuable resource for psionic characters. However, a number of these can make the Improved Psicrystal feat quite unappealing in comparison. I will now explore each to give both a sort of preview and review.
The Awakened Psicrystal essentially gives the psicrystal the ability to manifest a few (generally) low level powers to manifest a few times a day. The wording on the powers is potentially ambiguous; whether or not each power is usable twice a day, or twice a day the psicrystal can manifest one of the selected powers. Despite that, the Awakened Psicrystal is well done. It requires a feat later introduced in the book.
Now, while the concept of the next psicrystal is both interesting and worthy of development, the “Implanted Psicrystal” alternative strikes an odd nerve with me. The psicrystal is quite fine for lower levels, but at high levels, I can see potential for abuse. The Implanted psicrystal essentially gives up mobility to give bonuses to its master. It’s an interesting trade for your average player, but it is not a stretch to see someone taking it at high levels for a number of significant bonuses, which could potentially tally up to 3-5 feats worth. I think it could use some more play-testing, as I do enjoy the concept- I would like to see the mechanics worked on. Note, this does not cost a feat, rather, 100xp and someone with several ranks in heal.
The Cognizance psicrystal is definitely solid. It gives more use to the otherwise weak Craft Cognizance crystal feat.
The Psycrysmal is also very good, similar in concept to the Combat Familiar’s introduced in Complete Warrior by Wizards of the Coast. One minor quip: the psycrysmal shares its power resistance with its owner. I believe it should be changed to the way alertness is set up (e.g.: if within 5 feet of the master)
The psicrystal weapon is both quality and unique. It is easily a good option for any kind of psionic character. It would be interesting to see some kind of development for use with a soulknife, though.
The feats section lists the feats required to use some of these alternates, as well as some more options for psicrystal weapons. Dreamscarred also introduces a new “Fleshcrafting” feat, which can be used to implant psicrystals and is *hinted* that it will be used in future supplements.
PE is a great resource for the psionic minded, and it will definitely see use at my table. Very well done.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by Jake R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/18/2007 14:37:20
High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded includes five new types of psicrystals, five new feats, and two new psicrystal monsters. As a bonus, the revised Psicrystal Affinity feat detailing the effects of a psicrystal’s death is also included.
Most of the new psicrystals are actually additions onto an already existing psicrystal, enhancing its capabilities. The Awakened Psicrystal gains several psi-like abilities; the Implanted Psicrystal grants more bonuses to the owner due to the bond between them. Moreover, a Cognizance Psicrystal allows power points to be stored for the owner. A Psicrysmal is the result of creating a psicrystal using Crysmal shards. Finally, a Psicrystal Weapon allows an offensive splinter of your personality to become manifest.
Two new feats allow you to obtain either an Awakened Psicrystal or a Psicrystal Weapon. Then the Fleshcrafting feat allows the character to attach additions onto creatures, namely the Implanted Psicrystal; although there is not a lot of information at this point, a future installation of High Psionics promises to expand upon Fleshcrafting. The remaining feats improve the options for Psicrystal Weapons, allowing them to hold psionic focus and obtain it after striking a creature down.
Lastly, the two monsters presented are the psicrysmal and the shardling. Since the psicrysmal was introduced earlier, the shardling is the more intriguing of the two new monsters. Long has it been asked, what happens when the psicrystal dies, but what happens to the psicrystal when the master dies? A predator hunting for mental energies, the shardling comes into existence when its master comes to a violent demise.
Overall, the best of this product is its failing. Psicrystal options were expanded so much; I felt there had to be more! In addition, the Implanted Psicrystal seems a little odd mechanic-wise initially, but time will tell. Still, these eleven pages will see a lot of use in any campaign where psionics plays a role.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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