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Magical Traditions
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Magical Traditions
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Magical Traditions
Publisher: White Wolf
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/05/2016 07:59:38

Opening with a tale about a city-Awakened mage learning to make use of traditional folk songs to direct her magic, this book is all about the links and correlations between the magic of this game and real-world folklore and occult traditions. It makes sense, after all: throughout history there have been people who have believed in magic, and ones who have claimed to be actually able to work it. Whether or not that is true in the real world, for the purposes of this game it's likely that at least some of these claimants have been Awakened and that their magic is real... and others may still have been touched by the Supernal even if they are not fully Awakened.

The Introduction discusses potential cross-overs between the Supernal and the fallen world mortals occupy and how these may give rise to occult traditions and folklore outwith that taught by mages drawing on Atlantean teachings. Many Awakened mages are distainful of the idea and will have nothing to do with such legends, but others seek them out and try to find meaning within them. For those who'd like to do so, this book presents a selection of established real-world occult and folklore traditions that can be woven through the magic of your game. It's an exciting thought, I'm sure I'm not the only one with a goodly collection of materials that I've tried to incorporate into the magic system of whatever game I was playing at the time!

Chapter 1: Supernal Correspondences deals with this whole concept in much greater depth, there's plenty here for the more scholarly mage to get their teeth into, then following chapters review various traditions. For each tradition, there are notes about its real-world traditions and practices, along with sample rotes that a mage might glean from them and storytelling ideas, and even thoughts on alternative forms of magic, including the necessary rules to make them work in your game. The traditions covered are Kabbalah, Taoist Sorcery, Santeria, the Templars, Theosophy, Appalacian Hoodoo and Entheogen Cults... but if your favourite one isn't there, not to worry: Chapter Five tells you how to give other traditions the same treatment!

It all makes for a fascinating read, and by incorporating traditions, stories and ideas from outside the game's own magic system you can make the whole thing more vivid and real... as players may have heard some of them long before they started to play Mage: The Awakening and will start to make their own connections. There's potential for some very powerful storytelling here!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Magical Traditions
Publisher: White Wolf
by Roger (. L. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 06/30/2015 12:59:52


Diese Erwei­te­rung ist für all jene Spie­ler gedacht, die bis­her eine Ver­bin­dung der Magier­ge­sell­schaft mit wirk­li­chen, okkul­ten Geheimor­den ver­misst haben. Auf 161 Sei­ten fin­den sich hier mög­li­che Hin­ter­gründe für einen Cha­rak­ter, etwa als jüdi­scher Kabbala-Mystiker, Tao­ist, Temp­ler oder Voodoo-Priester samt beson­de­rer Vor­teile, wie beson­dere Arte­fakte und Rotes. Diese Tra­di­tio­nen inter­pre­tie­ren Magie in einem eige­nen Glau­bens­sys­tem und bie­ten damit eine Alter­na­tive zum von vie­len Spie­lern unge­lieb­ten Atlantis-Mythos.

Das wie­derum gibt Mage: the Awa­ke­ning ein höhe­res Maß an Erdung in der Wirk­lich­keit und kann eine Kam­pa­gne berei­chern. Dass der Leser neben­bei etwas über „echte“ okkulte Geheim­ver­bände lernt, macht Magi­cal Tra­di­ti­ons zu einem bes­se­ren Lese­buch als Rollenspiel-Erweiterung.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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