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Blackdyrge's Templates: Messianic

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Blackdyrge\'s Templates: Messianic
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Blackdyrge's Templates: Messianic
Publisher: Blackdirge Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/29/2007 10:45:24

The road to godhood for NPCs may be a lengthy epic journey in your world, but those looking for a shortcut can receive may be able to receive divineness from the latest entry in the Blackdyrge Templates series, Messianic, depending on your belief of what a messiah should be. .

Messianic, a brief 10 page PDF, is a template that supposedly makes the NPC the messiah of a god. The template does this but with such a hefty level cost this is obviously something more for an NPC to use, as per the prose example included in the PDF. The template itself does not feel very religious, which you would think it should considering the source. The first thing that struck me is the low intelligence requirement. I would hope a Messiah would be a little more bright than his followers. There are intelligence requirements for the spell-like abilities, but even feels like it should be bumped up slightly.

The abilities themselves are nicely written and statted but do not fit the flavor of the template. Curse of the infidel does not effect the same race as the person casting the spell nor his alignment. This would make since in real life where race is really divisions of the overall human race, but with d and d and its overall races, often enemies of one god are of the same race as his followers. The Voice of the Chosen is a nice touch and my favorite ability in the class and fits the charismatic abilities I expect from a Messiah.

For the DM This template does not feel quite “Messiah” enough but could very well fit for a chosen priest or priestess. There is definitely some variety to the template with its spell-like abilities depending on the hit die of the Messiah.

The Iron Word For such a divine creature, the Messiah should have more divinity type requirements too it and its powers should be a little broader to truly effect the enemies of his god.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review. I understand that my idea of a messianic creature might differ from others, and I certainly won’t challenge your opinion on that point. However, I thought I would explain my design philosophy for the low intelligence requirement. Simply put, I wanted to give DMs the ability to apply the template to a wide range of creatures, not just humanoids or giants. For example, personally, I think the concept of a messianic chimera is an interesting one, but such a monster would be impossible with a higher Intelligence requirement. Also, to address your concern about a messianic creature not being smart enough, consider the fact that the addition of this template increases the Intelligence score of the base creature by +4. Therefore, a messianic creature will be much smarter than a standard example of its race.
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