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Tradition Book: Sons of Ether (rev)
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Tradition Book: Sons of Ether (rev)
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Tradition Book: Sons of Ether (rev)
Publisher: White Wolf
by Andrew F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/17/2004 01:53:10

An updated Sons of Ether book is a good thing for those who play Mage: Revised, but for those who like the 1st and 2nd edition SoE there's less here.

The major changes between editions were changing the history section and teaser story to fit the new plotline and adding Merits and Flaws appropriate to the tradition. The story is pretty good, but the Doc Eon story and Paradigma excerpts were more enlightening. Of the two merits, one is a very conditional merit and the one flaw is fine but also somewhat duplicative of other mage merits.

On the other hand, this version of the SoE book does a better job explaining the factions and listing their members.

Neither this version nor the original version was great on rotes or how the SoE see spheres, but that is hard given their archetypes.

The choice between which SoE book really is going to come down to which story you like best unless you want a SoE-heavy game in which case this book would be recommended for better coverage of factions.

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