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Blackdyrge's Templates: Moldering

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Blackdyrge\'s Templates: Moldering
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Blackdyrge's Templates: Moldering
Publisher: Blackdirge Publishing
by Shane O. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/18/2007 14:37:24

Blackdyrge’s Templates: Moldering continues the line of single-template products as presented by the undead monstrozoologist, Blackdyrge. In this case, he uncovers a template wherein certain spores, molds, and fungi form a (somewhat) symbiotic relationship with plant monsters.

The zipped file for the book is a bit over four megabytes, and contains just the single PDF, which is ten pages long. Despite the brevity, it has full bookmarks to make navigation easier. The cover is the only instance of full color art, with the remainder being black and white depictions of the two example monsters.

The Moldering template has a bit more variety than most. Though it can only be added to plant creatures, the template’s special attacks and qualities vary depending on what exactly is infecting it: brown mold, yellow mold, or green slime. Each one changes exactly what powers the base plant gains, though most of the other alterations are static regardless of what the infection is. Note that, while none of these are true parasites, they do tend to harm their host somewhat. Two example creatures are given, one with a low CR and another with a high one. The first is a shambling mound infected with brown mold, while the second creature is an advanced tendriculos that is host to green slime.

I personally found this template to be very well done. The versatility of it having three variations, along with it being one of the few templates out there for plant creatures, make it quite noteworthy. If you’re tired of your plant monsters only getting some variety by being celestial or having a few druid levels, you need to check out what the Moldering template can do for them.

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