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THRILLING TALES: Crimson Emperor, Chapter Four $4.00
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THRILLING TALES: Crimson Emperor, Chapter Four
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THRILLING TALES: Crimson Emperor, Chapter Four
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/26/2010 16:26:04

In Chapter Four of the Crimson Emperor, our intrepid heroes are brought before the Emperor himself as prisoners. In best Pulp fashion, the Emperor will reveal his plans to date and how they have now been successfully accomplished thus far. At a subsequent dinner, the Emperor will continue his monologue, revealing his plans for world conquest and the he is the perpetrator of the "Crimson Death" chemical weapon used to slaughter the nearby village (as a test of its power). From there, the adventure is loosely written so that the adventurers have an opportunity to experience various aspects of "durance vile" eventually culminating in their escape from the Crimson Palace with the help of one of the visiting ambassadors. The ensuing escape has all of the plot elements necessary for even the most hard-boiled fan of pulp -- running gun battles, sudden set-backs, treachery, and airplane flight, whatever you could wish.

Another tour de force by Adamant Entertainment, this one actually has some room for the players to move without following a set pattern so much (at least as long as all the necessary prerequisites are followed for moving on to the next stage). Combined with the many thematic pulp elements, this may be the best single "pulp" adventure yet. As always in this serial, this one is written as both a stand alone adventure and as part of the bigger serial adventure. Additionally, there are several excellent plot hooks buried in the story for this Chapter which can lead to other adventures later.

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