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20 Labyrinths&Lairs Map Set $4.95
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20 Labyrinths&Lairs Map Set
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20 Labyrinths&Lairs Map Set
Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by Amber J. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/26/2007 15:06:04

Wow! One of the largest selections of interesting dungeons that I have ever seen! The most detailed B&W maps of their kind. These maps are not for everyone. Only an experience Dungeon Mistress can do this map set justice. ;) My players are going to quiver and shake at some of the monsters these map sets conjurer up. I should note, these are not high definition maps, and in fact they are kind of rough, but rough in a good way. Do look at Publisher's Preview to see for yourself. Don't buy them if you don't like what you see in the preview, what you see is what you get. Personally, I like my maps rough ;) It makes them easier to edit if I so choose. (Map Sets should be about the Dungeon Mistress, and what she wants don't you think?)

As the Designer's note explains, these maps were designed to be easy to print, easy to read, and to be packed full of useful details. The publisher delivers with this collection. More than just maps, these are almost complete dungeons. Just add monsters and/or treasure to suit your own game system. The "Spider Queen Lair," the "Giants Lair," the "Troll Lair," etc. No brains required here. ;) I won't need to buy a dungeon crawl module for a really long time) I should note, these are not just individual maps but part of much larger campaign world supported by other SSD map sets. (Or so the designer suggests in his notes.)

The publisher includes a bonus regional map in color that is absolutely bubbling with cities, mazes, temples, lairs, caves and landmarks. Names on map are also simple, descriptive, and easy to pronounce and understand. (Perhaps a bit campy, in a retro D&D sort of way.) I assume the other cities and dungeons are available in SSD's other map sets. The color map is also rough, but useful. (See publisher's preview.) You can easily read the names of over one hundred cities and dungeons, and you can see where the roads and bridges lead, as well the relative size of each castle and keep. (Scale of regional map suggests an area of about 2 million square miles in size! I think it would make a very useful campaign map for those starting out a new world, or wishing to add to their own. I am going to get all their other map sets when I can afford them. If the rest are as good as this one I know where my players will be adventuring for a really long time to come.

Lady Amber The Dungeon Queen :)

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