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Heroic Moments #2: Unregistered Mutant $1.00
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Heroic Moments #2: Unregistered Mutant
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Heroic Moments #2: Unregistered Mutant
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/11/2008 05:51:40

Heroic Moments 2: Unregistered Mutant is the second product in Highmoon Media Productions' Heroic Moments series. This series of products is designed for the free 4C System (from Seraphim Guard), a superhero system that uses a easy and streamlined task resolution system based on the d100. Each Heroic Moment is a single scenario that can be inserted easily into any superhero campaign with minimal preparation required. This Heroic Moment sees the heroes deal with an unregistered mutant, a superhero that can be either friend or foe, and the powered-armored group of genetic purists that aim to capture him.

The products in this series share a unified presentation format, and in all cases it's very good. The product makes great use of blocked text, sidebars and other features to highlight important details, and streamline the use of the material when gaming. The scenario itself only has 3 pages of text, with 2 further pages of text provided for various new items, powers and stat blocks. The writing and the editing is good, and I liked the new mechanics and concepts introduced to expand the core 4C system.

The scenario takes place in a crowded Farmer's Market, where the heroes are unexpectedly thrown into a sequence of events involving a potentially dangerous mutant superhero, and a group of high powered people attempting to catch him. The product provides a detailed and exact description of the scenario, which makes it really easy to run and handle. Numerous hooks are provided to get the PCs to the market, although one of them requires some small changes to one's campaign with regard to mutants and mutant registration. This is a prevalent thought throughout the scenario, though it is fairly easy to circumvent if required.

I liked the way the scenario was handled, as well as the new powers and equipment of those involved. This means that the superheroes will face the unexpected. Depending on how the scenario plays out, there can be quite a few different outcomes, and the pdf also provides a number of useful ways in which to mix up the encounter, making it more interesting or generally complicating matters for the PCs. This makes the scenario quite varied, and one that players will very likely enjoy.

The product also provides a number of useful new rules and additions to the 4C system. There are two new powers, digging and poison touch, and there's new equipment in the form of combat gear and a special gun. Most of the new material is used in the scenario, although the digging power is not, making it a rather unrelated addition. There's also a very useful new rule, The Unexpected Event, which allows characters to change their powers. While this is not something that should be overly used, it's a neat plot device tied to a good mechanic.

This is a good little pdf and scenario. The scenario provides exciting options, is varied, and the outcome is not fixed. All these things combine to create something fun. Some of the overarching assumptions of the scenario (for example, there being registered and unregistered mutants) affect the campaign as a whole and might not fit a specific game, but those are relatively easily circumvented. Good use of additional material and powers, streamlined layout for easy use, and some good new mechanics. A good pdf, and at the price worth looking at if you want a fun new scenario for your superhero game.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review, Peter. I just wanted to make one quick clarification, 4C System is not from Seraphim Guard perse. It was written and designed by Phil Reed and Michael Hammes. Seraphim does distribute the core game here at RPGnow/DriveThruRPG.
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