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Publisher: FJ Gaming
by JD S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/07/2008 03:42:16

An utter rip-off of a product-do not buy.

The inference on the product was that it was a 'stand-alone product ready to be plugged into your campaign" so you can add a given element (in this case, Mexican spell-casters) to your system as desired. This is untrue.

What you get a is thumbnail sketch of a western town ( a hundred words or so) , the information that some bandits (with names like Buffalo Annie) are hold up in a icy cave nearby, and a short paragraph describing the Brujaria. And then this gem of an instruction on the last page:

The Gunslingers and Gamblers rules do not make allowances for magic and supernatural powers. Instead, the GM should use magic strictly as a plot device. The odds are that the player characters themselves will know almost nothing about magic and whatever they do know is likely to be wrong. A GM should keep this sense of mystery in mind whenever he or she introduces a supernatural element to the game.

Yep, that's the 'plug in to your campaign' for adding Mexican witches.

Do not waste your money.

[1 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Hi JD, I'm sorry to hear your disappointed in Brujaria. Of course you're entitled to your opinion but I do consider saying "its an utter rip of product" and giving it 1 out of 5 a bit harsh in the circumstances. Subjective issues aside I feel that I do have to correct some of your comments for the sake of anyone reading this review. 'stand-alone product ready to be plugged into your campaign' is not an inference. The micro-supplement is ready to go as is with Rosa and the other NPC's all statted up ready to play. The product does add a single Mexican spell caster to the game, Rosa, and provides everything you need to use her as an NPC. The product is categorised as Western, Adventure/Plot, NPC/Opponent.. not a rules expansion. Your comments on the length of the product are a little disingenous, implying that it's only a few hundred words and a few paragraphs. It is actually 1700 words in length. The quote you have taken is perfectly accurate, it would perhaps have been a little more useful to people reading this review to have continued it: "introduces a supernatural element to the game. Below are a few examples of how the witch woman‘s curse might affect different characters; The curse makes it so that the character can’t sleep, now matter how tired he gets. A character loses the ability to use his highest ranked Trait. You could describe this loss in a variety of ways.." This continues for another 100 words, giving game rules for five potential curses to be used by a Brujaria. Fair enough that it's not the detailed magic system you were looking for, but it's certainly enough to play Rosa as an effective NPC in your campaign. It does sound like you were wanting some kind of rules expansion for player chartacter Mexican magic-users and unfortunately this isn't what you were after and not what the product promised to deliver. To avoid any future confusion I've clarified the blurb to explicitly state that the product does not introduce a detailed sub-system for Mexican magic (excepting the rules for Brujaria curses). In addition, if you'd like to email me I'll arrange a refund for you.
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