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Publisher: Bastion Press
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/24/2009 10:38:52

They are often referenced, discussed, spoken about and eluded too, but it has been sometime in which fey have been given their justice. There are a few fey supplements around RPGNow, but none capture the wonder, history and magical mystery that is the fey better than Bastion Press’s Faeries.

Released years ago, it was updated by Dragonwing Games for PDF form early last year with little fanfare. Begin a fan of many a fey campaigns, it is one of the best supplements for DMs and players looking to add a fey realm or create an entire story based on the fey.

It begins with one of my favorite features of the book, the races section. There are seven distinct fey creatures of which to choose. They are impressively designed, capturing the mystical magics that the fey are famous for. Even more so, they are all playable races having size, and ECL adjustments that do not push them too far out of the range of a normal. The Faerie race has to be the most innovative, allowing you to build your own fey race by adding new body parts ala the PC Game Spore. If these races are not enough, the book provides detailed instructions on how to break apart a fey monster and turn it into a race that builds up through racial classes. Along with the races, the book gives suggestions on additions to classes to make them more fey. Though, oddly enough, it excludes the Fighter from its list of changes.

Faeries introduces new skills, feats and prestige classes to further develop the world. There is a strong slant toward Knowledge Skills in the fey world, with what you know being stronger than the sword you wield. Feats introduced revolve around the powerful unknown of the fey blood and the abilities it can grant a user. There is a prestige class for each class. As with most good prestiges they provide just enough flavor to make the class interesting but not enough. The middle portion of the book diverts the attention to the fey world. If you are a fan of fey culture and mythos, you will be happy to see that the book follows many of the traditional laws, making a blueprint for a world that feels comfortable and not like some rogue attempt to recreate the genre. Time flows in a non-sequential way, fey relationships are a bit deeper than mortals and traveling between lands is not as simple as point a to b to c.

The Magic of the fey creates that mystical feel that translates a list of spells into a story. The fey can make augmentations to spells to boost its potency. The final chapters of the book contains spells and magic items suited for a world that lives completely off of magic.

For the Player The faerie race is something I keep coming back to because it can work in normal campaigns as well. The other races are well designed as well, with flavor text that supports the abilities.

For the DM You will be more interested in the final two-thirds part of the book. The fey world is built as more of a template than set campaign world. This allows you to add or delete as much as you wish. There is emphasis placed on the doorways, the placed between the mortal and fey realms.

The Iron World This is by far the best supplement for those who want to create a fey based campaign world or one shot. The balanced races and open classes use allows it to be easily adapted to 3.5 or 3.5 related products such as Pathfinder.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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