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Sewer Kings
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Sewer Kings
Publisher: Victory RPG
by Gregory B S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/13/2008 11:21:55

The Sewer Kings is an M&M superlink adventure written and produced by Fran Vaughan. She is also the creator of another M&M superlink product called Flying Solo. I bought both just after Flying Solo became available. I have played Sewer Kings.

Sewer Kings consists of a cover, 23 pages of adventure, plus license. The interior is a mix of black-n-white and full color text and art. No printer friendly version is included, but that can be adjusted with thru printer settings. I only printed pages 2-24. Chapter One consists of pages 2-7, Chapter Two pages 8-11, Chapter Three pages 11-15, Chapter Four pages 16-21, and the Villainous Appendix (containing 6 baddies) pages 22-24.

Layout includes a basic two-column format with some areas being highlighted in color. The text is easy to read with headings defined in bold type. In each chapter there are one or two abbreviated villain blocks. I did not care for these since their usage requires flipping back and forth; fortunately they are repeated for convenience in the appendix with background text. These were a bit garish as well and could use some refinement. The maps are very basic and the scale for each is inconsistent or missing altogether. The chapter headers are three-inch square block representing a sewer cover. I liked this even though it did take up space. The color artwork has been cobbled from various sources and is generally substandard. The GM will have to flip thru the material to find the various illustrations for each villain. In general the layout is functional, but it could be improved.

The writing was direct and clear, making it easy to run the adventure. Ms. Vaughan supplies a few extra notions along the way to increase the flavor of the adventure. Some include villainous interactions and tactics (as is appropriate) while others include providing player options to deal with the locations. This adventure is fairly linear. It is not designed to be run in one session, rather, it should be played as a series of minor background encounters thru-out your existing campaign storyline. Rushing this may damage the adventure’s basic timeline. Ms. Vaughan provides numerous fair and logical roadblocks to keep PCs from following up on, and interfering with, the activities of the Sewer Kings in each chapter. This adventure is not designed for powerful PCs with cosmic powers. Street-level, super-powered vigilantes that often traipse the city’s underside (and sewers) may find it more enjoyable.

Regarding the game mechanics and NPC write-ups, I do not play M&M, even though I do own the rulebook and numerous accessories. I play Champions, and I found the NPCs easy enough to convert for my game. The villains are an interesting hodge-podge of powers, some clearly stronger than the others in certain situations. I ran this with only two PCs for chapters 1-3. Chapter 4 required the support of an NPC hero.

Likes: Overall, I liked this scenario, especially chapter 3. It was simple and easy to run. It can be run as episodic side-treks for just a few PCs at a time, easily inserted into the background of an existing campaign. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Dislikes: The maps and the artwork were weak, and the layout could have been improved with the villains’ stats only appearing in the appendix. I ended up searching for better images on-line. The price is a bit steep.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Sewer Kings was shall I say interesting to work on. It was a thought about adventure that was run during a M&M session and my father decided to try and publish it. Now not to put my father down but Sewer Kings was better suited for just when him, his friends, and I play, but not for published use. But since my dad's passing I'm having to take VRPG and trying to produce products without his help. Unlike many companies that I know of I'd like to put the customers first. The reviews are important for production. There is one product in the works right now but it's release is unknown at this time. So I thank you for reviewing this product and I will take it into account for the next product. S. Vaughan Victory RPG
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