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Mythweaver: The Splintered Realm (2nd Edition)

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Mythweaver: The Splintered Realm (2nd Edition)
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Mythweaver: The Splintered Realm (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Splintered Realms Publishing
by David K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/20/2008 15:08:05

Mythweaver openly appeals to classic fantasy player, with richly detailed character classes like the hunter and defender and new races, including a wood troll! The best possible feature of this new edition is its living support from an online community and author. Michael Desing, the author of Mythweaver 2nd Edition, actively solicits serious playtesting, design feedback, and possible articles for future publications. Mentioning future publications, Mythweaver Adventure Journal has already hit the press on RPGNow.com. The short magazine adds depth to character creation because it builds on existing material within the core rules. Most importantly, the magazine promises scheduled releases every six weeks with potential player content. The game grows…be a part of it. The magic system allows for many interesting options, although some kinds of magic could be easily abused by munchkin gamers. Some spalls are open only to less-scrupulous races, while most every other race has access to healing magic. The combat system intuitively divides defense and offense categories, with armor and shields versus different weapons. I enjoyed being able to wield a heavy sword as a spell-caster much faster than I would have been able to do it with a more traditional and familiar game, and the sacrifices for doing so were realistic choices, not blanket class rules. I think this last comment sums up the game overall… Players have many informed decisions to make during character creation, advancement, and even in game by using heroic points. The tools are in place with Mythweaver- make it your game and finally let your imagination (and characters) run free! Now, the game is at an introductory price, too! Buy both the game and the first magazine!

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