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OBE: The Witch Doctor Player Class for D&D 4E $7.99 $4.00
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OBE: The Witch Doctor Player Class for D&D 4E
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OBE: The Witch Doctor Player Class for D&D 4E
Publisher: Highmoon Press
by C.M. B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/10/2009 14:04:17

In almost every RPG created, gamers can’t get enough of two things: classes (or class-like options) and races. For my first staff review, I took a look at a new race supplement by a small indie publisher, so this week I thought it’d be fitting to explore a class that’s been integrated into the 4e products. I found that class in One Bad Egg’s witch doctor.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons, the classes are separated into four different types: Controller, Striker, Defender and Leader. Unfortunately the original D&D Player’s Handbook only included one of the Controller type (the wizard) and so larger gaming groups had to either settle for two wizards in their campaign or players had to look elsewhere to find another Controller to add to their party.

One Bad Egg’s witch doctor fits perfectly into that Controller type, but stands apart from WotC’s Wizard in a number of unique ways. First off, the Witch Doctor uses two implements that “eat” other magical items, meaning that players can infuse these two artifacts with the properties of magical items that they find. So rather than forcing players to wear a gilded crown to get that +4 charisma bonus, the DM can have the player “feed” the crown to his witch doctor’s mask. While it’s not a novel idea, integrating this functionality into two item’s in a witch doctor’s possession was right on the money.

The Witch Doctor supplement itself is very well done, with above average artwork that looks stylish if not exquisite (although not quite as good as Alluria publishing’s Anumus art) and a thorough selection of powers and paragon choices for those players that explore the witch doctor into the later levels. In fact, the depth of information included with the witch doctor should make any tabletop gamer happy with the purchase. The 43 page supplement includes 93 powers, three paragon paths, 24 new feats, 13 new magic items, three new rituals, and three new pre-made witch doctor enemies. Although the feats aren’t particularly creative, they’re still affective at bolstering to the value of this product.

According to One Bad Egg’s RPGnow.com reputation, the company has put out a plethora of quality products for their fans. The Witch Doctor is another one of those products, and if you have a few dollars to spend, this supplement is definitely worth it.

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