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Zinia\'s Spa
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Zinia's Spa
Publisher: Generic Universe Publishing
by JK R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/06/2013 09:52:52

This is one of the longer offerings in the City Streets series, at nine pages. It describes a spa on the outskirts of town, and, since it relies on the presence of volcanic springs, might be harder than some others in the series to just put down in a random city. The quality of the writing, layout, and maps is about the same as usual, although one of the two pieces of artwork is pretty dreadful.

Although there is a theme to the location, it's perhaps less dramatic than for some of the others in the series, although certainly useful nonetheless. The booklet is longer than usual because of the large number of staff in the building, each of whom gets a short description. (And, it should be added, this is quite specifically a spa, not a brothel).

However, there is also an alternative version of the spa for use in higher magic or higher level campaigns. This is less developed than the main version, but the central theme is much the same, so a lot of the information in the main section will work for both versions. Each version of the spa also comes with five suggested plot hooks.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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