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Citizens of Bedlam
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Citizens of Bedlam
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
by Philip L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/08/2014 16:57:25

I bought this book along with the other Bedlam City products, and I was not disappointed. It evokes the same wonderful tone, grim sprinkled with spots of hope, and effectively embodies my favorite part of the original sourcebook: the ordinary, non-powered citizens. Because in the end it's not the tyranny of a supervillain or extradimensional conqueror that makes Bedlam City an awful city; it's systematic corruption, greed, apathy, and hate. We have sexual deviants, racists, and sadists galore, but also people who are driven to lesser evils for understandable reasons. All of them make sense as characters.

And then we have a few characters who are genuinely good people in spite of all that they're up against, though they too have their flaws. Most of them are at the breaking point, crushed by the responsibility of trying to help a sickened city. Your players will care. More than they fear for nameless civilians taken hostage by the villain of the week, they will feel for the fully-realized people who are mocked and attacked for trying to do without powers what the heroes will struggle to do with their extraordinary abilities: save a city that doesn't want to be saved.

If you want to run Bedlam City, or just grab some Iron Age character ideas, this is a fantastic supplement.

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