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Encounters Series 5: Succubus Seduction $3.99
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Encounters Series 5: Succubus Seduction
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Encounters Series 5: Succubus Seduction
Publisher: Corvus Lunaris Ltd
by Shane O. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/22/2010 14:13:05

Ah, the succubus. A sex-symbol from time immemorial, she’s also a warning to those who would readily fornicate, since she takes your soul if you lie with her. Such imagery, painted in the broadest strokes, lends itself very well to any sort of genre, setting, or game, since it deals with one of people’s most fundamental desires and the dangers therein. Given that, it’s no surprise that a succubus is the primary antagonist for Corvus Lunaris Ltd.’s Encounter Series 5: Succubus Seduction.

A short adventure for 3.5, the product is really more of a side-trek than a fully-fledged adventure. It revolves around a succubus stirring up mayhem inciting class warfare between merchants and nobles, and attempting to seduce – or barring that, kill – a young man who’s trying to quell the trouble she’s raising. The PC’s just happen to be in town as she’s getting ready to make her last attempt on the hapless NPC’s virtue/life.

Succubus Seduction comes across as a very home-spun product, both in presentation and execution. For example, the PDF has no bookmarks or illustrations apart from the pencil-drawn cover. The text isn’t confusing, but feels fairly choppy; things such as the flow of the adventure, NPC stat blocks, and what NPCs say when you talk to them are all in their own separate sections, instead of being listed together. Some people may enjoy having everything separated like that, but I’d prefer that such materials be grouped together.

I do have to give the adventure some props for having a section that deals with divination magic. Again, the advice it provides here is fairly self-evident, such as telling us that if the PCs use detect evil, the succubus has a moderate aura of evil…unless she has a ring of mind shielding. Thanks guys, I didn’t realize that.

The map of the inn where the succubus works in disguise isn’t anything to write home about either. Found at the end of the book, it just looks like something made in a basic paint program, being laid out with wire frames and a small key to indicate what frames are what furniture. It doesn’t even have a grid or other scale laid out.

Succubus Seduction isn’t a bad adventure, per se, but it suffers from a thin plot and poor presentation. A lot could have been done to turn this around if the contents of this file were changed up and put forward in a more convenient and attractive-to-view manner. But it doesn’t do that, and it suffers for it. Ultimately, much like the eponymous succubus in this adventure, Succubus Seduction really needs to up its sexiness to make itself more appealing to buy and run.

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