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Arthur Lives! Narrator's Guide $5.00 $4.99
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Arthur Lives! Narrator\'s Guide
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Arthur Lives! Narrator's Guide
Publisher: Vigilance Press
by Jason W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/11/2015 05:41:22

Hi! I couldn't edit my previous review, so I'll put my actual feedback here. Awesome setting! Two complaints, though. One, I was really hoping that it would be easier to convert and drop into a game system that wasn't quite so much of a drag. The way the D20 system of leveling-up is used as a way for your characters to gradually remember themselves is probably the biggest obstacle in that regard. Two, the provided roster of Arthurian personages to be reincarnated is pitifully inadequate for a labor of love put out there by a Camelot buff, so prepare yourself for supplementary reading. I'm currently a player in a D&D 5e game, and I'm looking to GM a game with a more new-school, narrative approach as a pressure release for some of my frustration with the system, so I probably won't want to play this as a True20 game anytime soon. The setting is compelling enough that I keep finding myself thinking about it, though, so who knows?

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