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Dwarf pack $4.00
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Dwarf pack
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Dwarf pack
Publisher: Kimagu
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/13/2010 12:45:56

Martial dwarves dominate this six-pack of stock art characters, with three of the six figures depicting fighter/barbarian archetypes. A fourth illustrates a dwarven rifleman, not especially appropriate for most fantasy games. The other two images feature a druid or shaman clothed in a bearskin hood and a commoner (innkeeper, perhaps?) wearing a cloak or apron and smoking a pipe.

Each image comes in two versions, one in shades of gray and one superimposed on a blue background. The artwork is excellent, and a good value at less than $1.20 per image. Each image measures 2000 x 1414 pixels at 300 dpi. You can see small versions in the preview provided on the product description page.

My review copy of this product provided my first exposure to Kimagu's stock art, and the quality of this product makes it very likely that I'll look to Kimagu for other stock art needs as they arise (generally to illustrate NPCs or opponents in my D&D campaign).

I do have two minor gripes about this product, and they seem to apply to all Kimagu stock art packs. First, and most annoying, it downloads as a compressed .rar file, rather than using the more common .zip protocol. Second, if the publisher wants to market the product to English-speaking audiences, I recommend that the publisher find an editor more skilled in English to clean up the grammatical errors ("It's an Dwarf Stock pack with six Dwarf," for example) and confusing syntax in the product description and the misspellings in the file names ("berzerker," "chieftan," "riffleman"). The poor English doesn't impede the quality of the images in any way, but it does make the publisher look careless.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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