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Dark Ritual $2.99
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Dark Ritual
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Dark Ritual
Publisher: Sonic Legends
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 06/18/2012 16:14:51

The heavy, ominous music in this substantial track well befits the “dark ritual” mentioned in the track’s title. There is a recurring baritone/bass vocal overlay that sounds like somebody chanting an incomprehensible ritual, and I think this works well. However, I think the other vocal gibbering detracts from the piece. Otherwise, it’s a decent score for when the PCs are trying to stop an eldritch ritual in progress—or to complete one before it’s too late. I can only say “decent,” not “good” or better, because there’s such a long lead-in before you get to the actual ritual sounds. That creates a big lull in the action while looping, though iTunes and other jukebox software will let you start and stop the track anywhere so you can customize the loop.

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