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Fearful Passages
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Fearful Passages
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Fearful Passages
Publisher: Chaosium
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/02/2010 23:35:05

This particular supplement to "Call of Cthulhu" is designed to describe several different ways for the Investigators to travel in the 1920's. Each method of travel is accompanied by a scenario that can be used by the Keeper to complicate the Investigators' lives. The first three methods are the "calssic" methods; plane, train and automobile; the next three are more "esoteric" (to quote the introduction of the book), airship, diving suit and canal boat -- of these three only the airship probably makes sense to the casual observer, but since many "Call of Cthulhu" scenarios involve the sea and underwater, the diving suit can come in really handy for the Keeper. The canal boat is a bit strange, but who really knows how a scenario, especially in Europe will work out? Finally, the last three methods are really obscure -- Armored Cars, elephant back, and horse-drawn sledges. While none of these last three are very likely to be met with, just think of the fun you can have trying to work them into your campaign! Finally there is a section on automobile chases which is intended to replace the rather skimpy rules included in the original CoC. This last section is an excellent addition to the game all by itself. The vehicle descriptions, and the rules for using them are excellent, and the accompanying scenarios are fun and full of potential plot hooks to either send the Investigators chasing after false clues or off into a brand new campaign.

DriveThru RPG has provided another excellent electronic copy. Everything was reproduced very well, and I had no trouble viewing any of the illustrations or descriptions. This one is a bit pricier than most of their reproductions, however given that it contains nine scenarios AND a section on car chases, it is also quite a bit longer than most of the others. I frankly don't remember how much I paid for this one back in the day, but I'm guessing it was at least as much as this one costs, and probably a bit more. Now if we can just get DriveThru to find and scan a copy of "Horror on the Orient Express!" This one earns another solid five from me, both for content and for the quality of the reproduction.

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