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Space Battle $2.99
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Space Battle
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Space Battle
Publisher: Sonic Legends
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 06/18/2012 13:51:45

It takes almost two minutes and a big explosion before this track actually gets to the “battle” as such. Once it does, the music is quick and tense, fitting for scoring a space battle. A few laser beam and explosion sound effects crop up, but they don’t overpower the music, and drums rather than explosion sounds give the sense of impact. A few bars here and there reminded me of the music that plays in Disneyland’s Space Mountain ride. About halfway through, xylophones and vintage (read: ’60s–’70s) bleeping control panel sound effects take us briefly inside the ship. While the battle is raging, the music is very exciting and would work well for a gaming background, if you don’t mind the control panel sounds. As of my download, the track ships with 30 seconds of silence at the end, so you’ll need to trim it with a program that edits MP3s or use your jukebox program to set the endpoint earlier (in iTunes, choose File: Get Info, click the Options tab, and change the Stop Time from 9:22.337 to 8:52.337). The track’s bigger problem, though, is that two-minute warmup that I mentioned earlier, matched by a rather abrupt ten-second cool-down at the end. Even after you trim off the extra silence, the track doesn’t loop very well, so unless you can wrap up your entire space battle in about six minutes, you’re going to get some “down time” in your soundtrack—time that is just too peaceful for a space battle. This track would be more useful without that “prologue.”

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