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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Gathering Storm

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Gathering Storm
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Gathering Storm
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Robert H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/07/2010 20:13:33

This is an updated review.

Gathering Storm is the first campaign set of adventures for the 3rd edition of Warhammer. I have not run it yet but it looks fun, three linked adventures with an overarching mission with its own finale.

However, the PDF is not really stand alone as it does not include the location and item cards, including NPC action cards that contain information not found in the printed rules, and other physical paraphernalia that comes in the conventional boxed set.

So the PDF is really only useful as an addition if you have the boxed set and like having electronic access to material as well as print, which for my part I do very much (it helps making notes, "making it your own")

As with the rules pdfs, the pdf is not the fastest handling document either so as a pure electronic add on, not the best quality in that sense. Interior links are better than the rules pdf. Best if worked on/converted to a faster handling format.

My rating mostly on these points of the pdf formatting and fact it is "partial" product.

  • note, my original review noted that the pdf's lacking of game components should be flagged - and that was then done within a couple of hours of my comment - so kudos on that point.
  • I see on the same change that the price was lowered from $20 to $10, making it more appropriately priced as "an adventure add on for GM" not a complete product. For that reason I upgrade from what was a 3 to a 4, as the actual adventure is fun with moral choices and requires players avoid just "wading into combat".

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