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Kingdom Builder Generator Pack II
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Kingdom Builder Generator Pack II
Publisher: Chaotic Shiny Productions
by Sara P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/12/2012 11:03:23

I got this program recently as I was having trouble with thinking up variety for my kingdoms. I think the best thing about it is you're encouraged to just keep clicking to generate new options and piece things together from there. I highly suggest grabbing it if you're looking for good creative prompts. Also I sent an email to their representative and she was very friendly and responsive. I'll definitely be a return customer!

I'll give a review of the features bit by bit so you know what you're getting into if you do choose to purchase.

There are 8 tabs, though they're all mostly covered under Kingdom & Hooks:


This is the meat and potatoes of the generator, which sort of combines every specific tab together into one cohesive (or sometimes, not so cohesive, which can also be fun) kingdom. This is good for a quick launch point, and gives you

1) kingdom's name

2) the type of ruler (king, queen, oracle, etc)

3) prominent places (ex: Hopestop Mounts, Turtleweb Fen, Ni'ak Summit)

4) a few laws

[This can turn out quite nonsensical or silly, but is still fun and can be very inspiring for culture-building purposes. For instance just now I got these three: "The penalty for a juvenile illegally selling body parts is a flogging.", "The penalty for striking a messenger bird is a small fine.", "The penalty for a guard wounding a dog is a considerable term of servitude." Sounds like this place really likes animals and... corpses.]

5) recent events (gossip, natural disasters, political coups. Very interesting) 6) notable individuals (gives a prompt for each character, making for an intriguing launch point for character-driven plots) 7) army

[This is a really cool feature. Sometimes it comes up with rather basic armies, but for instance I just got this: "Aly'raom's army relies heavily on stealth and the use of tridents. They have been known to use pooka mounts and priests. They are famous for patriotism and for their terrifying armor. Each division contains 10 battalions of 490 soldiers. Currently, they are suffering from divided loyalties."]

8) current fashion

[Honestly, though fashion would seem to be least useful, I find it immensely helpful for making unique-looking cultures. The popular colour options can be very "ugly" combinations, but as an artist that sort of thing is a fun challenge. I've already made a fashion style based around one of the prompts, which uses nothing but dark yellow, dark gold, and bronze, with dark blue highlights. Came out surprisingly cool looking, despite traditionally ugly colours. It gives a cohesive feeling to each culture without going too far out into the deep end or using overly specific descriptions, which lets your brain work to picture it.]

From there, each subject is further broken down into its own tab, so if you're needing specifics to be changed about your kingdom, or you want to add to the laws or fashions or what-have-you, you can just tab over to the specifics and generate as many as you need without overwriting the kingdom tab.

Finally there's the flag tab. I find this tab really cool for more European fantasy type games, though it takes quite a lot of clicks to get to a point where I start finding unique or eye-popping stuff. I seem to get a lot of grey, forest green, and brown-red, but I think that may be luck of the dice more than a lacking program. Additionally, you can lock any colours /shapes/etc you like and keep rolling till you build your perfect flag. Also, there's a toggle for Heraldic colours only, which is great for more traditional charges.

All in all I really, really enjoy this program, and will probably look into more of their stuff in the future. They're really accessible, so if you ever have problems I'm positive they'll be able to help out. 5/5 from me. :]

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Kingdom Builder Generator Pack II
Publisher: Chaotic Shiny Productions
by NB N. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/16/2010 20:43:55

I like this tool for when I need some additional help fleshing out an area on the fly. It can generate the name of a kingdom (or area or whatever) along with the ruler, names of well known places, recent events, plot hooks, prominent people, and a host of other information. It has some other interesting options like generating lists of multiple armies, conspirators, laws, etc. Granted things like local fashions aren't a hot topic in most campaigns, it can add some flair if you like. Synced up to a map generator and with a few other options, this could be a very cool little program. Until then, $4 is a small price to pay for instant lands!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Kingdom Builder Generator Pack II
Publisher: Chaotic Shiny Productions
by Mark M. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/15/2010 14:50:12

For those who haven’t seen ChaoticShiny.com, it’s Hannah’s site for random generators she’s come up with, allowing you to create civilizations, pantheons, mottos, regions and more. It’s a great way to piece together ideas for a campaign world. The KBGP2 is an .exe file (sorry Mac users) which gives you lots of possibilities for designing your own kingdom, including fashion, armies, law, place names, conspirators, events, and even flags! The first tab in the program is for your Kingdom & Hooks. This generates your Kingdom name, who its ruled by, prominent places, some laws, recent events in the kingdom, notable individuals, how the army is run, and current fashion. Some results seem odd (since it is a random generator), but you can get some really interesting variations on strange lands. I had it generate me a kingdom, and here’s what it came up with: Kingdom Name: Traetael Ruled By: A philosopher-queen Prominent Places: Kraemi Strait, Restdaisy Foothill, Treatmiss Jungle, Leastgator County, Wrackblade Wetlands A Few Laws: The penalty for a nonhuman striking a courtesan is a few months’ imprisonment. The penalty for insulting a juvenile is a few months’ imprisonment. Recent Events: In a northeastern township bandits have become prevalent and a beholder has been plaguing a village. Meanwhile, an important bard has gone missing. A prominent socialite may be involved. There has been a string of kidnappings near the eastern region and there have been severe droughts for the past several years. A prominent socialite may be involved. A prominent socialite has been stirring up discontent in the southeastern township and there is a dangerous drought. Notable Individuals: Alorrel, the proud master artisan who recently had a sudden change in alliance. She has few open allies. Rumors say that she has some interesting relationships with certain warriors. She can usually be found at all the biggest social events. She is wiry with mismatched eyes and black hair. The kind guard captain Scethai is her ex-lover. The arrogant adventurer Cansan is her lover. Cand, the slothful, smug foreigner who has been preaching the new religion. He has questionable allies. He is short with a pierced lip and piercing blue eyes. The talented spy Inoulloe is his adversary. Army: Traetael’s army is famed for its accurate archers and the use of flails. They often make use of rogues. They are famous for their high-quality weapons and for flashy tactics. Current Fashion: This fashion features soft, scanty tan and blue-green garments. Tops are typically short sleeved with low necklines. Jodhpurs and pants are also customary. Capes are popular accessories. Leather and collars are staples of the style. Bright blue, deep red, and vibrant blue are also common colors. The wealthy and the poor wear very different clothing. As you can see, there’s a lot of hooks there for you to expand upon. Even from the second line “Ruled by a philosopher-queen”, you begin thinking; how does being a philosopher effect her rule? With recent events, you’ve got at least three different game sessions each time you hit the “Generate Kingdom” button. That’s a lot! You’ll keep your party occupied for months! Sometimes, the results are less than stellar (an example being that “the penalty for insulting a juvenile is a few months’ imprisonment”). However, it gets your mind working, in figuring out why that would be in this kingdom. And if you don’t feel like spending the brainpower, just tell it to generate again, or go over to the “Law” tab. The other tabs are more detailed versions of the different events of the Kingdom & Hooks tab. you’re able to generate any number of armies and choose what suits you best, as well as place names (which could work very well when you’re in a pinch) as well as conspirators. The conspirators are a bit unusual, since I’m not sure why they’re named as such. I would most likely have named them “shady characters” if I was designing it, but I supposed conspirators works just as well. The Flag tab is really cool. With it, you can come up with all kinds of strange and unusual coats of arms, with pictures of dragons, unicorns, pegasuses, and more. You can set specific parameters, including colors, only using heraldric colors, and even import your own pictures for the symbols. In all, the Kingdom Builder is a definite must-have for anyone trying to come up with their own kingdoms, and those who could use a little help coming up with various hooks and NPCs.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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