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Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
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Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Jeff L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/24/2014 21:16:50

Note to Rite Publishing: The cover has Steven's name misspelled on the cover.

One of my favorite 3.5 products is Green Ronin's Advanced Bestiary. The templates there have been instrumental in creating memorable monsters for my Wounded Earth campaign. Being able to breathe new life into old monsters, turning them into something different, is a great tool for GMs.

That said, I'm embarrassed to say that this book went under the radar for me until recently. I'm glad it was pointed out to me, because it will take its place as an invaluable tool at my gaming table.

There are 32 templates presented in this book, each with one or more sample creatures created with it. Even better, there is plenty of flavor provided to make each creature its own unique being, not just a monster with mechanical adjustments. Each also comes with ideas on how to insert such a creature into an ongoing campaign. There are also new feats, both monstrous and general, presented with the entries here.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Aware arcana: constructs created by spellcasters that are essentially living spells used as guardians. Living spells were some of my favorite creatures from the latter days of 3.5. Turning them into purposely made constructs rather than accidentally created oozes is genius.

Body Jumper: A creature that has transcended the flesh, and become a possessing spirit. The sample creature here (a dragon) is beyond creepy. Can't wait to use him.

Hatemonger: A template caused by a parasitic infection that makes the host creature succumb easily to darker emotions. This thing isn't just a template, it's the seed for an entire adventure.

Phalanx Creatures: Ever wanted to create twins with that special soul-bond? How about the ultimate army that fight as if they were simply parts of a greater whole? This template will do that for you.

While there are templates in here that didn't thrill me as much as others, nothing seems out of place or sub-par in comparison to the rest of the material. Formatting and layout are good. The artwork ranged from okay to outstanding.

The negatives here are few and outweighed by the overall goodness of the book. I noticed some minor proofing errors here and there. The creature stat block for the distorting creature template does not mention that the base creature is a krenshar; I had to figure that out from the illustration and the monster's abilities. The worst offender was the sample creature for the Betrayer template, which is alternately called "Iudas," "Iodus," and "Iuduas" within its stat block and description.

The Book of Templates uses some base creatures that may not be readily recognizable to some Pathfinder players, as they are from 3.5 books from Mongoose Publishing and Necromancer Games. I'm always pleased to have new (well, new to me anyway) monsters available, but I would have appreciated a notation in the stat block of what book they were originally in.

All told, this book is a great find and I highly recommend it. 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 for this format.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Publisher Reply:
Thanks for taking the time to do a review. I would have appreciated a notation in the stat block of what book they were originally in. This would be violation of the OGL, without there permission. Which I did want to do, but at the time i wrote this I could not get (as of this writing I could only get permission from Frog God Games who published the complete tomb off horrors much later). You also might like 101 Not So Simple Monster Templates and the Free Monster Template we do every month in our free Pathways Ezine. Steven D. Russell
Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/15/2012 00:26:22

A collection of templates, let's just roll that around on the tongue for a minute, shall we? A collection of templates.....not one or two tucked into a bestiary, not a bonus one tucked in a magazine....no, a whole collection, dedicated to templates. Kinda brings a tear to the eye...of every player who's ever thought they knew their monsters inside and out. Rite publishing brings us the equalizer, that's right, the equalizer. For every time we, as a GM, have spent days planning a fantastic evening with a combination of killer creatures, really looking to challenge and push our players, only to have each creature knocked down, one by one, like they were cream puffs. No more, with this collection those same old same old monsters are stepping out in a new set of shoes, with a whole new set of abilities and tricks.

Presented within are not just 32 new templates, oh no. Served up on a silver platter are a collection of templates, example creatures with full tactics, statistics and a lore section for each creature, a small DC based chart for the players to roll against to get some information on what they are dealing with. We're also treated to a snippet of conversation, an interview would probably be the best way to describe it, between those creature's that can communicate and Qwilion of Questhaven, in the form of excerpts from fictional books. I especially like this part, as including books into a campaign world is something I have always enjoyed very much, and having an author, and a body of work woven into another product of this nature is a subtle way to incorporate an NPC many might find boring if presented solely upon their own.

Interestingly enough, this being a collection of templates and all, is the fact that this PDF also presents us with 50 new monstrous feats and a handful of spells. I've purchased feat books that don't give me that many feats, and these are icing here, because this is a template book.

Every sample creature is accompanied with an illustration in B&W, and where as I know I have seen one of the illustrations in two other books in the last four days alone, the rest I did not recognize, and most of the art was fairly good. As seems to be the case, there is always one illustration that I find myself scratching my head and wondering, why? This time around it was the artwork chosen for pg 99, at no point does it even begin to feel like it fits with the rest of the art for this book, nor is it even of the same caliber.

I could go on and on about various templates within this collection, but previous reviewers have gone into pretty decent detail already, so I will instead tell you of my favorite two picks from this book, and my least favorite. We start with the Havenfury Creature Template, or more specifically, it's example creature the Black Ghont. The Black Ghont is a goblin monk, merged with a fury. The template, as it stood, was interesting. But this is a case where the example of what one can do with these templates really sold me, because in this case the template is overshadowed by the creation. Black Ghont (CR18) really shines in showing that you can take a monster a play group knows well, the goblin, and take it somewhere they could never anticipate or plan for. The template allows Black Ghont three ghost like goblin dogs who circle him in a protective ring at all times. He is essentially a beacon point for goblins within a certain range, and they will swarm to him to aid in battle, as well “loan” him their hit points. Oh, and best part of his entire write up, the entry from Qwilion has him dictating the Black Ghont's words, write up to the point the goblin realizes he's writing down his words....Goblins don't like that after all, they believe writing one's words can steal the soul.

My second favorite monster template from this book, isn't a template for monsters. The Aware Arcana is one of the most creative and unique things I have seen in a while. The concept of applying a template to a spell, and getting a construct that essentially is the spell, in the form of a minion who can take orders and carry them out, all while still possessing the ability to unleash the spell, very very cool.

Which brings us to my least favorite, and the one I doubt I personally will use, the Eldritch Spawn Creature. I'm simply not a fan of the Lovecraftian concept, so the whole mouth full of tentacle thing is an instant no sale for me. Lovers of the genre however, mechanically speaking, this is a sound template, and a great way to add this flair to any creature within your worlds.

OK, final thoughts. Artwork goods far outweighed the bad, formatting followed the dual column and standard statblocking concepts. There were several times throughout the book that spaces were dropped between words, but not enough to ping for even half a star, so I'm letting that one slide as the material more than made up for it. Throw in the bonus of feats and spells, and this PDF becomes a must have for any monster loving Gm out there. Giving this collection a 5 star rating.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dawn F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/29/2011 18:44:31

Conclusions: This 111 page document is just exactly what its title above claims, a book of monster templates. But there are templates, such as the types that appear at the back of the Pathfinder Bestiary which give some useful options for Game Masters to apply to monsters; and there are templates which don’t just stop at useful. This book contains the later kind. The Monster templates in this book are thoroughly detailed and contain complete information on how to create the different creatures out of the “normal” monsters in the Bestiary and other supplements. But this goes far beyond mere templates. First of all each and every one of these contains a fully fleshed out altered creature using the template. Included in the description for each is a full stat block, an in-character blurb, a lore section with information a PC may learn along with appropriate DCs, a full description of any new monstrous feats the creature uses, and to top it all off an “Ecology Encounter” and its EL. A few Templates contain new spells and one even has a new type of disease in place of a monstrous feat. Each Template also includes an illustration of a sample creature. The art ranges from very well done to sufficiently representative, but none that I would consider bad art.
This is a must-have for any GM who wants to create encounters for his game that are out of the ordinary. From some interesting variations on an old theme to some dramatically different creations (like the Aware Arcana) that stand out above the rest, the templates this book holds are brilliant tools for GMs who wish to create encounters that far exceed the ordinary. The Sample Creatures for each one as well as the other superb additions make this worth a full 5 stars. If there were any errors, I didn’t spot them. But I must admit I was too busy marveling at the content and planning how to inflict some of these on my players.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/14/2011 13:38:24

Some of my most memorable and indeed favourite RPG books are books on monster templates. The template mechanic is certainly one of the most innovative concepts to come out of modern RPGs as it allows you to transform any number of different creatures, effectively doubling the number of critters at your disposal, with a single template. The Book of Monster Templates is no exception to the above, providing a stream of high quality templates for the Pathfinder RPG. This product comes as a 111 page pdf, and collects new and never before seen templates into an outstanding reference for boosting any GMs monster arsenal. With a bunch of new and innovative templates at your disposal, characters and their players need never again be entirely sure what they are facing.

The Book of Monster Templates introduces more than 30 new templates, each presented over several pages. Each templates consists of a brief description, the template mechanics and special abilities, a section on lore and Knowledge checks, ecology, and a sample creature along with some fabulous and rich art. Overall this combines to a splendid presentation. If that wasn't enough, each template also contains a handful of new material in the form of feats or spells that can be used to enhance the template's existing abilities. The writing and editing is very good, and the pages devoted to each template capture the flavour well. In places it's not entirely clear from the description what the template is intended to be, but the mechanics capture the concept well and illuminate it well.

The product contains a number of interesting templates and concepts, such as the Phalanx creature for creatures that share a familial bond with one another, or the Aware Arcana which is a magical and aware construct formed from residual magic. I'll readily admit that I read many of the templates with relish, enjoying the concepts and the write-ups in equal measure. It's a sign of a good product when it easily and without effort gets the creative juices flowing with only a few sentences or a single idea and this product doesn't disappoint in that department. I was really pleased and impressed by the quality of the material, the scope covered by the variety and range of the templated creatures and the concise write-ups that manage to capture the flavor and concept well. This is an excellent product that provides amazing utility and versatility, both in the templates and the additional monster feats and spells, and as the first, I think, monster template book for the Pathfinder RPG, will sit comfortably in any RPG library along with other classic monster products. Excellently presented, excellent material.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Publisher Reply:
I wanted to thank Peter for taking the time to do a review of our product, Steve Russell; Rite Publishing (5/5 stars! snoopy happy dance of joy!)
Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Thilo G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/20/2011 14:22:15

This book is 111 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page ToC, 1 page SRD and 1 page back cover, leaving 106 pages of content.
The book kicks off with a introduction (1 page) to the monster templates with advice on how to apply templates quick as well as mentioning some interesting facts about the format in which the templates are presented: An explanation of the unique sample creatures provided, quick tactics, the monster's point of view of itself, Lore DCs, monstrous feats (each section has some of them) as well as (thank the 7 heavens!) ecology-sections. I hate it when monsters are presented as creatures in a vacuum and thus welcome the addition of these sections.

The templates range from -50% CR to CR +3. I listed their CR-modifications, the name of the sample creature, the CR of the sample creature and the respective bonus material.
-Accursed Creature Template (CR -50%, Broken Beast, CR 12, Monstrous feat: Stomp)
-Aware Arcana Creature Template (CR=double highest effective caster level, Aware Arcana Fireball, CR 6, Aware Arcana Merged Cup of Dust and Feast of Ashes, CR 10, 3 new feats to create the living spells, 1 new associated item)
-Betrayer Creature Template (CR+1, Iudas, CR 6, Monstrous Feats: Improved Feign Death and Improved Hidden Healing)
-Bloody Maw Creature Template (CR+1, Jaws of Winter, CR 6, Monstrous Feats: Greater Belly of the Beast, Vorpal Bite)
-Body Jumper Creature Template (CR+3, Bisiir "Discord's Essence", CR 21, Monstrous Feat: Hidden Possession)
-Boundfury Creature Template (CR+2, Guilded Guard of Gone, CR 7, Monstrous Feats: Greater Pain, Greater Penalize)
-Civilized Creature Template (CR+1, Genteel Spines, CR 14, Monstrous Feats: Telekinetic Flight, Telekinetic Shield)
-Darkseed Creature Templates (CR+2, Bloody Blades, CR 7, Monstrous Feats: Dark Endurance, Dark Strength, Faster Healing)
-Distortion Creature Template (CR+3, Mutilating Beast, CR 4, Monstrous Feats: Improved Scare, Greater Scare)
-Drachenchor Creature Template (CR+3, Gellid Dirge Lich, CR 12, Monstrous Feat: Spell Leech Storehouse)
-Dreaded Creature Template (CR+2, Kah the dark Captain, CR 14, Monstrous Feats: Painful Scars, Inflict Terror)
-Earthbound Creature Template (CR+2, Fettered Giant, CR 10, Monstrous Feats: Towering Assailant, Quick Fling)
-Eldritch Spawn Template (CR+3, Eldritch Glutton, CR 7, Monstrous Feats: Dream Sleeper, Insane Insight)
-Entropy Infused Creature Template (CR+1, Wasteling, CR 9, Monstrous Feats: Sinkhole, Cave-In; actually several templates in one, negative-energy quasi-elemental nod towards Planescape)
-Eternal Creature Template (CR+1, Eonian the Incessant, CR 3, Monstrous Feats: Improved Breaching, Greater Breaching)
-Exemplar Creature Template (CR+3, Atelier's Vengeance, CR 19, Monstrous Feats: Improved Perfect Health, Improved Magic Reduction)
-Hatemonger Creature Template (CR+2, Hatelarren, CR 4, Monstrous Feat: Compelling Oratory; additional disease, variant template Strifemonger parasite)
-Havenfury Creature Template (CR+1-3 depending on base creatures CR, Black Ghont, CR 18, Ritual: Asylum of Wrath, Mosntrous Feat: Improved Corrupt Language)
-Irresistible Creature Template (CR+1, Sir Horace of the White Bull, CR 12, Monstrous Feat: Quicken Devastating Blast)
-Jagannath Creature Template (CR+3, Restless One, CR 13, Monstrous Feats: Spit Victim, Improved Spit Victim)
-Jaunting Creature Template (CR+2, Abhorrent Wink, CR 5, Monstrous Spells: Dimension Hop[Brd 2,Sor/Wiz 2], Teleport Attack [Sor/Wiz 7])
-Mythic Creature Template (CR+2, The Undying Storm, CR 7, Monstrous Feats: Dying Curse, Improved Self Resurrection)
-Phalanx Creature Template (CR+1 or +2, Apellon & Aptemis, CR 12, Monstrous Feats: Power Throw, Crushing Volley)
-Phlogiston Construct Creature Template (CR+0, 4 different Phlogiston batteries, Dynamo, CR 7)
-Positive Energy Creature Template (CR+2, Lifetrap, CR 8, Monstrous Feats: Improved Animate Objects, Improved Energy Instill)
-Protector Creature Template (CR+1, Heaven's Guard, CR 14, Monstrous Feats: Improved Shield of Destiny, Improved Protective Aura)
-Ritefury Creature Template (CR+2, Wrath-wake, CR 7, Monstrous Feat: Improved Animate Object)
-Rune-Carved Creature Template (CR+2, Carcera of the Ruins Perilous, CR 9, Monstrous Feat: Masked Shapechanger)
-Tax Collector Creature Template (CR+2, Fishwife of Fees, CR 6, Monstrous Feats: Tax Hike, Expanded Domain)
-Trickster Creature Template (CR+1, Eshu the Deceiver, CR 5, Monstrous Feat: Greater Shapechange)
-Unsighted Creature Template (CR+2, Bloody Beggar, CR 15, Monstrous Feat: Greater Gaze of Unlight)
-Weapon Construct Creature Template (CR=+1 for every two enhancement bonuses of the weapon, Bloodhex, CR 8)
The book closes with tables for templates by challenge rating as well as sample creatures by challenge rating as well as a short glossary. ( 1 page)


Editing and formatting are very good, I didn't notice any major flaws. Layout is clear and concise, the b/w artworks range from "meh" to "awesome".

I loved the classic Advanced Bestiary by Green Ronin and that's why I preordered thsi book as soon as it was announced. Just let me say: I didn't regret it for even a second. This is perhaps the best monster book out there for Pathfinder right now - each and every template is either mechanically extremely cool, does something that hasn't yet been done, features captivating prose and some very interesting sample creatures, often all of them. The sheer amount of "bonus" feats provided also helps variability in encounters. I'm going so far as to say that even if you as a DM are too lazy to use templates yourself, the sample creatures themselves are worth the price. Most of them are written in a way that makes the average DM come with at least one adventure. Just take a look at the sample creatures in the above list as well as the list of monstrous feats - you get an awesome amount of content for your bucks and most feature the unique, imaginative style I've come to appreciate in the best of Rite Publishing books. Should you have passed on this book until now, go get it. My final rating is 5 out of 5 possible stars - possibly one of the best monster resources out there.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/22/2010 13:11:19

Skipping over the mis-spelling of the author's name on the cover, dive straight in to the Introduction, and a discussion of the whole glorious scope of the template in monster design and modification. Good monsters are a classic staple in fantasy role-playing, yet how many players seem to know them all (even when they don't play budding naturalist rangers who keep field notebooks!) which always takes the edge off the excitement? Templates enable you to put new twists on your monsters without having to spend time inventing completely new ones. No less than 32 templates are included, plenty to keep your monster stable populated and your players on their toes.

So, on to the templates themselves. A formulaic presentation has been used, so that it is a straightforward matter to lay original monster description and template side-by-side and work through your monster methodically. If even that does not appeal, or you are really in a hurry, there are plenty of examples of modified monster you can use straight off. The samples even have the sort of combat notes and (when appropriate) information on how they think and react, to make running them simple. There are also lore charts, to enable the more learned character to have a chance of knowing something about this strange critter he's just encountered even if his player does not.

Analysing one in detail, the formulaic presentation works well. Starting with a paragraph or so describing what that template actually means, how it affects any creature to which you wish to apply it, each facet of a monster stat block is addressed in turn, making it easy to undertake the conversion. The majority of templates are generic enough to be applicable to any monster from any source, whilst the exemplars are suitable for immediate use as 'variant' specimens of whatever the base monster happens to be, complete with a wealth of apposite information.

One gem, though, is the Aware Arcana template. You apply this not to a monster but to a spell, rendering it capable of following simple directions. It appears like a glowing giant ioun stone, and can emit the original spell as a ray attack... several times! When things get up close and personal they can emit the same effect as a spark instead. They last until destroyed (being vulnerable to dispel magic as well as to taking physical damage, until then they are capable of flight and of acting with basic intelligence. Neat! If your spellcasters like this idea, there is a feat that they can take to enable them to make their own and even a magic item to allow more precise control of them.

Amidst the accursed and betrayers and the like, there is also a civilised creature template. These monsters have either developed their own civilisation and culture, flying in the face of what you would expect of them, or have grown to appreciate someone else's culture to a great extent, often found wearing clothes, using tools and other unlikely actions for monsters widely believed to be savage and animalistic at best. However, most of the templates tend to make their recipients even more monstrous than they otherwise would be... and I'm sure I've met the tax collector! Another interesting template is the weapon contstruct creature: here, perhaps, an explanation for that annoying intelligent sword that gives you backchat at inopportune moments.

Overall, it's a fascinating collection presented in a systematic manner. The templates themselves are ingenious and often spawn adventure ideas, while the sample monsters are ripe with inspiration. Rather too many niggling little errors got past the proofreaders, but nothing that actually renders anything unusable: and use this you will!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Publisher Reply:
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do a review of our product! Steve Russell Rite Publsihing
Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/10/2010 09:53:43

Book of Monster Templates by Rite Publishing

This product is 111 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, intro and credits. (4 pages)

Next it jumps right into the new templates. (104 pages)
Below is a list of all the templates. Each template also has at least one sample creature with complete stat block and lore DC checks. The templates go anywhere from a -50% CR rating to a +3 CR rating.
Accursed Creature Template
Aware Arcana Creature Template
Betrayer Creature Template
Bloody Maw Creature Template
Body Jumper Creature Template
Boundfury Creature Template
Civilized Creature Template
Darkseed Creature Templates
Distortion Creature Template
Drachenchor Creature Template
Dreaded Creature Template
Earthbound Creature Template
Eldritch Spawn Template
Entropy Infused Creature Template
Eternal Creature Template
Exemplar Creature Template
Hatemonger Creature Template
Havenfury Creature Template
Irresistible Creature Template
Jagannath Creature Template
Jaunting Creature Template
Mythic Creature Template
Phalanx Creature Template
Phlogiston Construct Creature Template
Positive Energy Creature Template
Protector Creature Template
Ritefury Creature Template
Rune-Carved Creature Template
Tax Collector Creature Template
Trickster Creature Template
Unsighted Creature Template
Weapon Construct Creature Template

It finishes with a page of two tables that list templates by CR level and a table listing all the new monsters by CR rating. There is a total of 34 fully stated monsters in the book, each using one of the new templates and include DC lore checks and history.

Closing thoughts. While this is a template book, something to throw on a monster to surprise your players with. It is also in a way a new monster book as well. The artwork is black and white and ranges from fair to very good. There is not a lot to say about the book in detail. The templates all look well done some I was meh about, but that was more for I just didn't care for the concept than cause it was poorly done. Many where pretty cool as well and I am sure each buyer will have some they like, some they love and some they don't care for. So what is my rating? I am giving this a 4.5 star, it is a good product that gives exactly what it claims to do, but I also wasn't blown away with all the template concepts. So if you like templates to keep your players on their toes then this is a good pickup.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Publisher Reply:
I wanted to thank dark mistress for taking the time to post a review of our product. Steve Russell Rite Publishing
Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Shane O. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 10/30/2010 21:30:31

They say that variety is the spice of life, and indeed it is. For the PCs in a Pathfinder game, however, the variety that spices their lives is the myriad enemies they face as they conquer evil. But while vicious monsters and ferocious creatures can be new and terrifying, how much more frightening is it to determine that the enemy you’re facing is of a kind you’re familiar with…only to find that it’s not. That’s the nature of a spice, after all; to change the flavor of something, making the familiar different.

Enter the Book of Monster Templates, by Rite Publishing.

Boasting over thirty new templates, this book had me at the introduction, wherein the author outlined the format for how these templates are presented. While it’s standard for most templates to also include an example creature, the Book of Monster Templates goes three steps beyond. All of the example creatures, for example, are from another third-party monster book (just to be extra alien for your PCs, if you decide to use the example creature in your game). They also include “lore” DCs that allow you to learn something of the creature on a Knowledge check, sample encounter ideas, and almost all of them include a new feat or two designed to enhance some aspect of the example creature (either one of its innate powers, or a power from the template it showcases). That’s without even mentioning the in-character descriptive text given by the monster itself.

That alone should be impressive. But what really sold me was how, right in the introduction, the author talks about wanting to go beyond the sorts of templates we’ve seen before – he outright references certain other template-specific monster books, which I thought was very cool – and he backs it up with what’s in here.

Each template has a theme that isn’t the prosaic sort of idea you so often see in a book like this. There’s no template to make something aquatic, or be a fire elemental version of itself. How about, instead, a template for a creature that slays dragons and makes their souls into a ghostly choir that encircle their slayer, providing offensive and defensive powers? Or a template for a creature that can bite the limbs off of a creature, and use the powers of any magic items it subsequently swallows? Or a template for an implacable creature that will unstoppably, inexorably, follow you wherever you go, breaking through everything that gets in its way? All of that and more are here.

The book makes an excellent showing of itself technically as well. It has full nested bookmarks, and allows for copy-and-pasting. Runic borders surround every page, but best of all is that every example creature has an illustration – a must-have for a monster book. Likewise, the end of the book presents an index of all of the templates presented here, along with their increase to Challenge Ratings, as well as an index of all the example creatures by their CR. All the bases are covered.

It should be obvious, if you’ve read this far, that this book is a must-have if you like templates for your monsters. The ideas here are innovative and well-executed, giving you sample creatures, new feats, ecologies and encounter ideas to work with. Whether you want an intelligent magic item to also be a creature in its own right, or a ghostly tax collector that can collect the weapons of its enemies, none of these templates could ever be called “simple.” Spice up your monsters with the Book of Monster Templates.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Publisher Reply:
I wanted to thank Shane O' Conner for taking the time to do a review of our product, 5/5 stars snoopy happy dance of joy. Steve Russell Rite Publishing
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