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The Sinking: Animation $1.99
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The Sinking: Animation
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The Sinking: Animation
Publisher: 0one Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/06/2015 06:23:59

Whilst this adventure starts in an inn, it's not the usual cliche of a bunch of adventurers being approached by a stranger with a job or a treasure map for them... well, not quite. For a start, it's the landlord and he needs help with a gremlin problem. Up for a spot of extermination?

The Great City, in which the adventure is set, has suffered a cataclysm, a giant sink hole has appeared. The adventures in The Sinking series are all in some way linked to this event, but can be played in any order or as stand-alone adventures, rather than as a true adventure path. This one is no different, with a plague of annoying events rapidly escalating into something quite dangerous. Gremlins are the least of the characters' worries.

The adventure is well-paced, with the initial contract to deal with gremlins developing into a mysterious event that leaves all manner of items, including street furniture, animated and causing trouble. Chaos erupts swiftly, and the party is on hand to deal with it - if they can but figure out what is going on. Interestingly, you are given two explanations: one to use if playing this as a one-off adventure and a variant if you are using as part of a linked sequence with other adventures in The Sinking series.

It's a neat short adventure, occupying but an evening in-character and likewise playable in a similar timescale. The chaos can prove entertaining as well as exciting, and ought to keep the characters on their toes. It is well supported with maps of the inn and surrounding area, and with good descriptions of encounters, and a couple of new things - a construct and a magical item - that may prove of use in your own adventures. This should provide for an amusing evening's play.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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