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Battle-Maps 6 to 9 $1.99
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Battle-Maps 6 to 9
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Battle-Maps 6 to 9
Publisher: Crooked Staff Publishing
by Alexander L. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/03/2011 07:18:57

Originally Published at: http://diehardgamefan.com/2011/08/03/the-gazetteer-volume-i-issue-iii/

You’re getting four maps for roughly two dollars here, which is a good deal no matt how you slice it. These maps have been reprinted from Crooked Staff Publishing’s The Little Book of Dungeons and resized/reformatted so that they can be printed out for use with miniatures. These maps aren’t high resolution, but they are big and fifty cents each, which makes them a great deal. Due to the size of all four maps, this arrives in a .zip file, so you’ll want an extraction program to use them.

All four maps are in grayscale. They are all of generic barren dungeons without any decoration or detail. They all have a single feature that makes them stand out from each other. Six is obviously meant to be underground and mostly natural as opposed to man-made, seven is a straight stereotypical dungeon from below a castle or other manmade location, eight has a big pit or crevasse and nine has a lot of curved passageways and triangle shaped rooms. One thing that each map could use is a guide on how to put them together. All you have is the cover page that shows what the final product looks like, but for younger or less experienced gamers, a guide might really help them.

To be honest, these look a lot like the dungeons I would have made when I was in sixth through eighth grade. There is no real rhyme or reason to the layout, there isn’t any detail or texture and they are big yet shallow at the same time. A DM with a good imagination can make use of these, but these maps are probably best left to people who are just learning to run a game and with players of likewise limited gaming experience. That way the lack of detail and defining features won’t come into play. You are getting four maps for fifty cents each, and in that sense you’re not only getting what you pay for, but you are getting 108 printed pages of generic dungeons that you could link together for one giant hack and slash or Monty Haul style campaign. I can’t say that I personally would have a use for these maps as I tend not to use sprawling dungeon crawls in my campaigns, but as I did used to play D&D Miniatures heavily back in the day, I might try these for a skirmish game once or twice. That’s about it.

Again, you are getting four maps for two dollars, each consisting of twenty-seven printed pages. That’s pretty impressed for the price tag. Sure the maps are grayscale and not very detailed, but for what you are paying, this is still a good deal if you and your players just like to hack and slash your way through generic dungeons. It’s not something I could really use, but I know a lot of gamers who would really enjoy these.

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