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Modular Towers 3: Signal Towers $1.99
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Modular Towers 3: Signal Towers
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Modular Towers 3: Signal Towers
Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
by Alexander L. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/05/2011 06:59:28

Originally Published at: http://diehardgamefan.com/2011/08/05/the-gazetteer-volume-i-issue-v/

This is a really fun idea for a map. This is a straight up circular watchtower and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a map specifically for this location, even though it is a pretty standard thing to encounter in a fantasy campaign. The map has a grid for each level, which makes it perfect for miniatures usage. The first two pages of the map are for the ground floor and outside surrounding of the watch tower. The tower is for use on a body of water, so it’s also possible to have this map double as a lighthouse due to the location and layout of the map.

There are seven pieces to map besides the ground floor pieces, each with their own unique look, yet still keeping to the circular shape of the location. You can make the watchtower as high or as small as you would like thanks to the modular pieces and you can even have several pieces in play at once if your players are spread out through the location. My favorite aspect of the map is it really shows how hard fighting up a spiral or circular staircase can be and it’s not something that a lot of gamers or DMs think about unless they are actually shown what it would look like. This map will force even the most avid hack and slashers to think a little bit about strategy before trying to stab their way to the top of the tower.

There is an amazing amount of detail to this map and Scrying Eye games have thought of just about everything except for one of the two things most map makers forget: a place for cooking and a place for umm…what happens to the food after you’ve eaten it. It was really cool to see a table with a tea set and even a place for dinner, complete with a rolled napkin. I love it when map designers actually think of what a location would actually have in it and not just the bare bones layout. Modular Towers 3: Signal Towers is a wonderful map from beginning to end and now I have a map for that haunted lighthouse I’ve always wanted to try.

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