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GT3 Into the FarDeep $6.99
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GT3 Into the FarDeep
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GT3 Into the FarDeep
Publisher: Knightvision Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 11/30/2011 07:25:34

Into the FarDeep is the third adventure is the Gate series of adventures from Knightvision games. This is a Labyrinth Lord compatible adventure for 1st or 2nd level characters, and sees the culmination of the party's search for a famous explorer now presumed lost deep within the bowels of a dwarven mine. This adventure is best played as part of the trilogy (along with Path of the Delver and Come Hell or High Water), although with a little modification can be used as a stand-alone adventure due to the sandbox nature of parts of this adventure.

Presentation is neatly done, with good editing and writing, and overall the product has a very old school feel and look to it, which is appropriate. Maps are decent, though not spectacular, and a larger map of the FarDeep would've been nicer than the small one provided. Artwork is good, with several fitting images complementing the written text. Organisation of the adventure is good, with no strict path to follow, leaving the adventure journey as much up to the players and the LL. The product includes several new monsters and treasures, all which fit the theme of the adventure neatly. A good presentation overall in the style of old school gaming.

The adventure sees the party delve deeper into the abandoned dwarven mine to a strange world called the FarDeep. Here they will encounters wonders never seen before and face dangers untold. The adventure pits the characters against the last remnants of a cult, the power of an ancient comet fallen within the FarDeep, native tribes around the region and scores of pirates that patrol the inner sea of the FarDeep. In encountering all these sinister and friendly elements, the party will need all their skills to navigate the challenges facing them, including the harsh terrain. There is a good mix of combat and roleplaying, plenty of mystery and puzzles, and a lot going on. On top of that, the LL can have a field day sculpting the surrounding area of the FarDeep as much as they like, to create even more wonder or conflict. Here and there a few more background details wouldn't go amiss, particularly relating to the denizens of the FarDeep and how they got there, but for the most part background is more than enough.

The adventure has a little bit of everything in it, and certainly no two scenarios or encounters are anywhere near alike. The largely non-linear nature of the adventure means characters have the freedom to tackle problems and issues in their own way, though with the limited resources of lower level parties. Having said that, the dangerous terrain and encounter area are often more the domain of higher level parties, so in that sense it can really stretch a lower level party to be creative and innovative. I enjoyed this adventure quite a bit - it's mysterious, has a good balance, and is fun and interesting, but at the same time lacks a little background information and detail to make it truly magical. A solid adventure from Knightvision Games.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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