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Publisher: Brent Spivey Creations
by Reuben S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/10/2011 15:54:21

Innovative and interesting design choices make this game the first step in a new direction for table-top gaming:

The unique overdrive system gives players a choice to focus their actions that many other systems do not. The key word is choice, where there are pros and cons to each decision. Repeatedly activating the same unit comes at an exponential price which organically encourages players to bring all their units into play and gives the option to go for it with that one key unit.

It's nice to see a design that isn't afraid to bring terrain to heel and fit it snugly within the rules rather than leaving it as a nebulous variable that can sway a battle before the first die is rolled.

Attack and defense dice, along with the classic Overwatch keep both players engaged.

Modular army and unit building looks good and has some limits in place, which will hopefully avoid super-army syndrome where a certain combination of abilities out-classes all others.

It's nice to see support from miniatures manufacturers, and at the same time it gives new players and idea where to pick up models.

The text is a little difficult to read. While it is a strong design choice, I hope that in future versions it is toned down. Caps, bolding and symbols all make text more difficult to read and while I appreciate the style, it should not come at the cost of readability.

Excellent work, especially for a Beta.

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