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The Forlorn Temple of Umbras
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The Forlorn Temple of Umbras
Publisher: Zodiac Gods Publishing
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 11/23/2011 06:45:24

The Forlorn Temple of Umbras is the first adventure in the Warlords of Lungusia series. This adventure is suitable for Pathfinder RPG characters of levels 2 to 4, and is a site based adventure crawl that takes place in a mysterious and remote temple to a long forgotten deity. The characters spend their time delving through the dark chambers of the temple, uncovering foul evil and hidden dangers, both living and dead, and indeed the manifestation of something far more sinister and evil. The Forgotten Temple of Umbras is a short adventure that should take no more than a couple of sessions to play.

Presentation-wise the product is good, with some decent writing, editing and layout and a useful map. The stock art is very well chosen and some of the depictions are quite vivid and enhance the atmosphere of the temple and its environs. It would've been useful if the map had a proper legend, and also if some more background details had been included in the product. As is, the adventure summary is fairly vague with no repercussions or lasting consequences - it would've been good to have more details on the Shadow Pantheon, the lizardfolk and their involvement, and something more concrete that would tie this adventure to a larger whole, and make the adventure actually matter and have consequences.

The adventure takes places entirely within the remote temple to a long lost god. A couple of useful plot hooks are provided to get the characters engaged, but with not much effort put into making the adventure of consequence, it effectively becomes a one-off dungeon crawl. The encounters themselves are fairly challenging, though nothing outrageous, and are lacking a certain dynamism and use of terrain to make them more exciting. That cannot be said for the final encounters which are both challenging and entertaining and bound to engage players. Some opportunity for roleplaying is available but not much, and certainly not enough to have an effect on the outcome of the adventure or affect future adventures.

Overall, this is a fairly standard dungeon crawl, with a decent location and interesting background. I believe that more could've been done to flesh out parts of the background, and make the location, its current inhabitants and ancient inhabitants more relevant and put them on firmer footing. Good encounters and a little opportunity for roleplaying. A decent ending to the adventure that should give characters a run for their money. The Forlorn Temple of Umbras has good potential, but would likely need work to reach it from what's written. Still, overall, a decent romp and dungeon crawl with something for everyone.

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