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Publisher: Mongoose
by Robert R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/28/2011 18:25:47

Legend is a updated version of a classic and flexible game that started with Runequest back in 1978.
It can easily be adapted to almost any setting, and some examples with the older versions are Call of Cthuhlu, Ringworld, Elfquest, Hawkmoon, Elric, and Superworld among many others. To aid with this adaptability, they removed the Glorantha specific items that were always so prevalent in the other RQ versions. Something that our groups usually did anyhow as we were never fans of Glorantha.

My group is really looking forward to this, and at the current price of $1, it's a great deal that any multisystem gamer can't pass up. On the other hand, if you only ever play one game system, you really should branch out and try this.

In short it's a great game system that does not use either classes or levels and is primarily based on skills with a percentile task resolution system. Your character options for development are as wide open as your GM will allow.
You want a mage with a zweihander, no problem. A sneaky little priest that moonlights as a cat burglar, it's covered. A burly monster hunter that knits his own sweaters, it can be arranged. Do what you want, not what the cliche says you have to.

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