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Publisher: Lamentations of the Flame Princess
by Thomas K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/29/2012 08:33:53

I was very excited to purchase Carcosa. I had read a great number of interesting things about the book and was sold by an interview done with the author several months back. My disappointment came when i tried to utilize to book for my game.

Here is a list of several problems I encountered with this book(much of which is my own opinion but there are some glaring problems):

  • There is relatively little setting information in this book, which is strange seeing as it is a setting book.

  • After mentioning that there are only two classes to play, only one of the classes is detailed in the book (ie. the sorcerer) with no information on the fighter or starting gear etc. for either of the classes. If this book is a supplement to another book it should probably reference that book. (I tried using Lamentations of the Flame Princess for this purpose, but several of the mechanics for hit points and gear are different with no explanation in Carcosa as how to convert such information.)

  • There is no mention as to what makes the different coloured men in this setting unique other than their skin colour, there is nothing on culture or lifestyle, etc... ie. no setting information. This and the sparse information in the Addenda led me to believe that they were all the same, just different coloured. There is a similar problem regarding any relevance the monsters may have to the setting.

  • In many instances the hyperlinks in the book link back to the front page and not to relevant content in the book. I thought that the ability to jump from page to relevant page by simply clicking was going to make this a great play aid, but it turned out to be frustrating and faulty.

-The details given to the hexes are usually irrelevant to the characters or the details of other hexes, they provide a small glimpse of sparse detail to what might be contained in that 100 mile square area.

-Lastly my biggest complaint is that the sample "adventure" "Fungoid Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer" is not an adventure at all, it's just more sparsely detailed hexes and encounter tables. There is no start point, there is no goal, there is no story arch.

I wish this game was playable, either that or there was someone who could show me how to make use of this book, the book itself fails in that aspect in every way.

On the plus side this book has some colourful descriptions of rituals, decent art work and a host of gear and monsters that are pretty cool. Unfortunately though, all considered, this book is only an idea for a setting and not a complete product. I'm disappointed to say that i regret spending my money on this book.

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