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Avalon Magic, Vol 2, Issues #1, Magical Jewelry $1.50
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Avalon Magic, Vol 2, Issues #1, Magical Jewelry
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Avalon Magic, Vol 2, Issues #1, Magical Jewelry
Publisher: Avalon Classic
by Debra L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/05/2012 15:41:08

This is the second item I've bought. Luckily, these were cheap so wasting another buck and a half on a completely useless product isn't going to break my piggy-bank.

Please explain how this can be a gaming product since it contains so little actual gaming material. Nearly all the information contained herein can be found in the Pathfinder Core rule book or free on Wikipedia. I know what a ring is and how it works. If you own the Pathfinder Core book, this information is all there. Furthermore, there is some misinformation that was expressed. There is no sympathetic magic (yet) in Pathfinder. Just because the necklace has an amethyst in it, does not necessarily mean it wards off drunkenness Furthermore, it gets even basic information wrong. "Worn, the magical jewelry does not take up space or weight and is not as obvious as a wand or staff.." Really , because that crown might weigh a few pounds as the Prince Edward Crown weighs over 4 pounds,. That's why HRM Queen Victoria didn't wear it on her coronation. A Navajo squash blossom necklaces made of turquoise and silver can easily weigh more than half a pound.

The writing is juvenile and, sadly, lacks imagination: "It should seem odd for a ring of water walking to be in a cave at the center of a desert. More importantly, it should seem strange that there’d be more than one or two magic jewelry items in a dungeon." I thoroughly disagree with both of the above statements. For starters, if there is a cave in the desert, that's the first place a sensible person would go. It provides shelter from the heat and sand. Deserts simply evoke images of Egypt and the Valley of the Kings where King Tut's tomb was unearthed and where Indiana Jones discovered the Ark of the Covenant. Granted, it's not the middle of a desert but the Nile is certainly surrounded by desert. If my world contains sphinxes that can fly, it can have a ring of water walking found in a desert, probably discarded by said sphinx.

As for the second statement, she apparently thinks that the only time a dungeon is visited is when the PCs go there. Dungeon Ecology 101 is in order. Why shouldn't a GM give out more than 2 pieces of jewelry in a dungeon? Do you think no female adventures have died there? What happens to their stuff. Yeah right, the dungeon dwellers never take stuff and never leave the dungeon, not even to go raiding. Just reviewing this products is making me a tad sad and grumpy as it was such a disappointment. The information it contains isn't even worth the virtual space it takes up on my computer.

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