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Bree Orlock Designs: Sigil Wheel 2 $4.00
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Bree Orlock Designs: Sigil Wheel 2
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Bree Orlock Designs: Sigil Wheel 2
Publisher: Stardust Publications
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/08/2012 08:03:40

This is an interesting piece: to look at it is to start spawning ideas (which is, to be honest, why I like artwork, and Bree's artwork in particular!).

So, what could all those intriguing symbols mean? Do they adorn some alien university student's chest (or whatever part of the anatomy they find appropriate for displaying college allegiances)? Or was this copied down from the chalkboard in a Demonology 101 class? Do they represent the stages in some esoteric gnostic religion? Merchants' marks - perhaps the design for a stained glass window in a merchant venturers' hall or guildhall?

They sure look like they mean SOMETHING... when I figure it out, I'll write the adventure, and use this to illustrate it!

Some say artwork is just for publishers, but I don't agree. Any creative gamer can find inspiration and, if they like their files and notes to look good, they can use the illustration too.

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